Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's Do This...

Oh, hey there! So I've been keeping busy and am always updating on Instagram in case you've missed me, but the Maine Coast Marathon is 14 weeks away (oh crap!) and I'm thinking I'm about ready to do this blog thing again! 

And since this is my first blog post of 2015, I'll do a quick recap of the past year. 

Miles run - 659.4
Considering I pretty much just ran when I could/felt like it, I'm happy with this number. It was higher than 2013 (491.8) and I ran a marathon that year. It also explains why I sucked so much at that marathon.

Races run - 11
Despite the heat, the Bath Heritage Days 1 Mile and 5 Miler were my favorites. I love racing in my hometown I was a super proud mama to see both boys finishing their first mile race.

PRs earned - 4
The Murph 5-Mile Trail Race, Bath Heritage Days 5 Miler, Topsham 250th 5K, Great Osprey 10K, and the Maine Mile, by default as it was my first mile race. 

Me and Jen at Great Osprey 10K

So how's 2015 going so far? 

I'd like to say that it is awesome and that I haven't missed a run. Of course I'm lying. It's been snowy and cold and icy and cold and...well, my run mileage is no where near where it should be. A measly 26.8 miles for January. I have, however, covered 164 miles on the indoor bike. I read somewhere that a bike miles to run miles ratio is 3:1, so every 3 miles biked equals 1 mile run. So if I counted those I did about 80 miles in January, which is pretty great for me. I'm not really counting my biking miles as running miles, but if I didn't have this bike I would be freaking out a lot more because I wouldn't be doing anything. 

The Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler is supposed to be on Sunday and I'm just awaiting word on if it will still be held since today we are getting snow yet again. 

For sure going to be wearing something warmer as the forecast is a high of 17*!

I was hoping to be in a little better shape at this point (I'm surely not feeling PR ready - 1:21:28), but given the conditions I think it will just be for fun and treat it as a long run.

I've got more to share, but I'll save that for my next post...I promise I won't be away too long!

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  1. It's amazing how much snow you have gotten. We have some but no huge storms since December and we lost all that. If you have your 10 miler have fun.


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