Thursday, July 24, 2014

When did I become so bad at blogging?

It seems with the lull in running, I don't blog. While there are other things I could write about (and I'm about to), I'm not sure you're all that interested in every move I make. No worries, I'll be back at it very soon!

Without a goal race on the calendar I've gone back to running when I feel like it or when I can fit it in. I've taken the boys out in the double stroller a couple times, but I've cut way back on the mileage. I actually woke up this morning with the intention of running, but my left knee is acting a little funky and with the Spandits! 5K on Saturday, I figure heading out there may do more harm than good. I don't believe this one run would magically make me PR, though it would have felt good to run in the rain after the heatwave we've been having. So I'm taking this opportunity to write this instead since I'm awake!

I've up to my eyeballs in projects around the house. I'm still painting my fence. I've got two more panels to go on the inside and then the whole outside to paint. Hopefully I'll be done my the end of the summer! I've also taken on painting my parents' house and a small renovation of their bathroom, so my schedule is full. 

My little painter.

So far this summer has been full of fun. Last weekend Ian and the boys headed to Long Island (Maine) for Ian's family reunion. I was working so I had the house to myself (late night nachos and DIY show marathons). I met them down there on Monday and enjoyed a gorgeous day on the island. It's hard to believe that in a little over a month it will be 10 years since we got married there!

En route to Long Island

I'm very excited to be representing Spandits! as an ambassador this weekend at the Spandits! 5K in Farmington. I'll be meeting up with a couple other ambassadors and spreading the Spandits! love. 

I don't really have any goals for this race other than to have fun. I'm not expecting a PR given my lack of speedwork or running altogether. The race isn't until 6:15 in the evening, so it's going to be interesting to figure out what and when to eat beforehand. The forecast is showing temps in the 80s, so it's going to be hot. I am so taking Jen up on her offer to jump in the lake at their cottage afterward! Have you checked out Spandits! yet? The patterns are so fun and there is something there for everyone, including kids! Be sure to tell them that I (Carrie) sent you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bath Heritage Days 1-Mile Fun Run and 5-Miler {Race Recap}

Let's get around to this race recap before next year rolls around, shall we?

Last year we all ran in the Bath Heritage Days 5-Miler with me pushing the boys in the double stroller with a ton of help from Ian. The 4th of July in 2013 was so hot, 94 degrees was too much for me. You can read about that here

Earlier this year, I had decided that there was no way I'd be pushing two even bigger boys for this hilly race and they were excited to run the mile fun run. Ian (self-admittedly) was not in race shape for the 5-miler, so it was decided that we would all do the one mile and I would run the five mile solo.

With my little runners!
We pinned on our bibs and got all lined up for the fun run. Finn (age 4) had announced that he was going to win and really wanted to start at the front, but I made him settle for the middle behind the big kids. The start is downhill and we all stuck together for a little bit. 

Finn, out in front.
Zeke, showing good form and focus.

We split up when Zeke wanted to take a walk break, so I stuck with him while Finn forged ahead with Ian. We'd run a little, walk a little, but made it all the way to the finish. It was a highlight for Zeke when heading up the hill to the finish seeing his Kindergarten teacher cheering him on followed by the people clapping and cheering at the finish. 

Photo courtesy Michelle Rooney

And Finn? He ran the whole way without stopping, and between the four of us came in first.

Right before his first 'win'. Photo courtesy Michelle Rooney

There was a little bit of time before the 5-miler so we just rested on a bench while I went back and forth on deciding if I wanted to wear a shirt or not. The humidity was high and I was already sweaty even from just walking fast/slow jogging with Zeke. In the last possible second, I decided it had to come off. I'd rather people stare at me than me suffer from the heat. And maybe my less than tight stomach distracted them from my ugly legs. But honestly, who cares?

I didn't have a goal going into this race. I knew I'd be faster this year since I wasn't pushing a giant stroller full of boys, but didn't know how fast. Really my one goal was to finish ahead of Zeke's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. London. I knew from stalking the results of past races she ran around my pace. I was hoping for around an 8:30 pace given the weather and the course difficulty. 

The race started at a comfortable pace and Mrs. London was running just ahead of me with one of her friends. My first mile came in at 8:11. I was thanking myself for the decision to run shirtless. 

Can't miss me in my bright Spandits! skirt! 

The course is really hilly and mostly an out and back course that follows the river. But the best part of running a local race is knowing the terrain in and out. I knew what every hill felt like from running them in training and knew what was coming up next and how far I had left to go. 

Bath Heritage Days 5-Mile course map

5-Mile course profile

There was a water stop at just over 1.5 miles so I walked to take a sip of water and dump the rest over my shoulders. I had fallen a little bit further behind from the quick stop, but could still see Mrs. London and her friend. There was also an older lady that I leap-frogged for a majority of the race that was just up ahead. Mile two was 8:23 and was still feeling good.

The turn around happens just before mile 2.5 and the gap between Mrs. London and I had become shorter and I eventually passed them on an uphill (my strong point). Mile three was 8:25. I was hot, but I was managing the heat better than I expected. I did feel like I was holding back, but didn't want to crash and burn before the finish.

I walked a little bit again when I got back to the water stop, this time just past mile three and Mrs. London and friend passed me. I quickly caught back up but was getting tired and really started to overheat. The sun was starting to burn through the clouds. Between miles three and four are the longest uphills too and was thankful they added another water stop right before mile four. That last quick walk break made my mile four split the slowest of the day at 9:12, but it also gave me a huge jump in energy. 

I started running faster and faster. There is a steep downhill that I cruised down and kept up the momentum on the long uphill to the finish line. I was flying uphill at an sub-7 pace, so fast that I forgot to stop my watch at the finish! Mile five - 7:30...that's faster than my 5K PR pace!

Hey, I DO have abs!
This is what 6:58 pace looks like going uphill.

Final stats:
41:40, 8:20 average pace
87/244 overall
24/119 women
6/28 AG (30-39)

Even though summer racing isn't my thing, I love making this race a tradition. It's a great challenge and a fun way to start off the Independence Day festivities here in Bath!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let's do a little update...

Well, I slightly fell off the blogging planet, but with the half marathon behind me, I'm not training for anything (well I am, but it hasn't gotten serious yet), I just needed a little breather from early morning wake-ups to run. I did race on the 4th and I promise to get that recap up, hopefully by tomorrow. I got to enjoy a great holiday weekend with my family so I took a short blogging hiatus. 

Before the Bath Heritage Days 1-mi Fun Run
Sparklers with cousins at the waterfront

I've been working everyday on my fence project and I am so sore. My arms and legs are so tired! Home improvement = strength training. I contemplated getting up to run this morning, but my body had other thoughts. I've been painting for a few days now, but yesterday I spent a good eight hours ripping down one side, digging holes, setting posts, and putting the new fence up. By the time I got to working on the gate a thunderstorm rolled in and my brain was so fried that I called it a day.

After! (minus the gate)

I did get the gate finished and installed today. It's not a work of art by any means, but I used scrap lumber and salvaged fence parts so it was free. It will look a ton better once I finish the'll just have to wait to see the finished project.

Anyway, my mental state is telling me that I need to run soon and I'm hoping to get back to following a training plan next week. Talk to you soon!