Sunday, November 2, 2014

MDI Marathon 2-Person Relay {Race Recap}

Okay, finally here's my recap of the 2014 MDI Marathon weekend!

Last year I ran the full marathon at MDI (read about it here), but this year I needed a break from the training. Not wanting to miss the chance of another girls' weekend on my birthday weekend, no less, we decided to run MDI as a relay, bringing two two-person teams: Kicks Ass and Takes Names!

Front of the awesome race shirt.

I rode up with Stacy, quickly picked up our race packets, and met up with Jen and Jill for dinner. We hit up Paddy's again for some yummy eats, did a little shopping for the kids and headed to our motel for the night and a marathon of Chopped on the Food Network.

We woke up, had some breakfast (with seriously the WORST coffee we have ever tasted) and headed to the start line.We ran into Gretchen, a runner Jen knows who just did the Maine Marathon two weeks prior. She's also a genius and had a space blanket wrapped around her. It was cold and extremely windy. The good news was that the wind would be at our backs. Jen and I who were taking the first leg of the relay decided that we would keep her company. Gretchen's pace would be right about what Jen and I are capable of at this moment and it was perfect.

Photo courtesy Jen @Running With The Girls
Photo courtesy Kevin Morris Photography

We took a couple of pictures at the starting line. Last year we all wore matching Spandits!, but this year decided to show the world a variety and all wore different Spandits! Soon Thunderstruck came over the speakers, the cannon shot and we were off.

Even though it was cloudy, the views of this course did not disappoint. It was nice having the wind at our backs on one of the biggest hills. It was literally pushing us up...mid-stride I could feel it shoving me forward. If we had wings, we most certainly would have been flying. Not surprising, this was our fastest mile.

Jen and I with Gretchen right behind.
Photo courtesy James Hines

The time seemed to fly by. Chatting with Gretchen, running at a comfortable pace, and the presence of aid stations every two miles made it go by fast. Toward the end of our leg I was certainly feeling the hills. I train on pretty large hills, but nothing like this course. For some reason I don't remember all the hills on the first half from last year. And as an example, one of my long runs where I made sure to hit every big hill had HALF the elevation gain of the first half of the MDI course!

Coming into the exchange

Anyway, before long we made it to the halfway point, said goodbye to Gretchen and a quick hello and goodbye to Stacy and Jill as they took over for the second half. 

Jill and Stacy by the famous tree at mile 15.4
Photo courtesy Stacy Chubbuck

Jen and I made our way to the cars and finally figured out how to get to the finish line. But not before we made a quick stop to take our picture with Wonder Woman.

Photo courtesy Jen @ Running With The Girls

Before long Stacy and Jill showed up and we all crossed together and collected our awesome medals.

I thought this year the MDI Marathon stepped it up a notch. From the lobster claw medals to the fantastic race shirt, everything was very well put together. We even found the food afterward this year! I'm a little bummed that there weren't more photographers on the first half of the course, but oh well. I'm not sure if it will work out to go back again in 2015, but it does fall on my birthday next year, so who knows?

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  1. Great job! One of these days I'll make it to that race. It always falls on my anniversary weekend...


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