Monday, November 24, 2014

Great Osprey 10K {race recap}

Seeing that I registered for my first race of 2015 this morning I suppose I should get around to posting the recap of my last race of 2014.

A couple few weeks ago I ran the Great Osprey 10K in Freeport. I ran this race back in 2011, about 9 months after I started running again and I earned a 10K PR of 50:11. I just missed going sub-50 because I walked the last hill. You can read that recap here.

Great Osprey 10K 2011
Photo Credit: Maine Running Photos

Since then I've only run a handful of 10K races and they have been in the heat of summer when I just can't manage to race well. After three years I was due to earn myself a new personal best. 

I wasn't stressing about the race at all. I am just getting back to building up my mileage before marathon training starts so I haven't been following any sort of training plan, I've just been running. That also means I haven't done any sort of speed work. I did surprise myself with a new 5K PR in October, but the course was pretty flat. The course at Great Osprey is anything but flat. While I was pretty sure I had a PR in me, I didn't want to worry about it and would be fine with whatever the day brought. 

I did convince Jen to run it with me...though it wasn't hard. You can read her recap here. We got there at the same exact time and she gave me my birthday present! I'm already having a winning day and the race hasn't even started yet! They are really awesome arm sleeves with thumbholes and my blog name down the side! I love them and immediately put them on. It was cold!

Pretty cool, huh?

We did a quick warm up and found a place at the starting line. My Garmin refused to find a satellite. Jen has the exact same Garmin as me (only purple), but mine would just not lock on in time. Now I knew I had to keep up with her if I wanted any stats! 

The beginning of the race is a bit of a bottleneck as the course first goes on a dirt path to get out of Wolfe Neck Woods State Park, but we managed to stick together however had no idea really how many people were ahead of us. We both commented that our pace seemed fast, but it was showing just over an 8-minute pace. I needed to average less than an 8:06 pace to PR.

We passed by David of Maine Running Photos. The things he and the whole crew that volunteers their time to give the runners of Maine free racing photos is just awesome and so appreciated!

Photo credit: Maine Running Photos

The first mile came in at 7:58, so we had banked a few seconds of time here, but knew that some good sized hills were coming. I was trying to stay relaxed and get into a good groove. Mile two split was 8:20, but there was a hill or two in there. I can definitely tell that I'm a much stronger runner both physically and mentally than I was three years ago with how much easier the hills felt. Jen and I seem to even each other out, I would pull Jen up on the incline and she would make sure we keep up the speed on the declines. We couldn't talk much because we were racing, but we were working together and I was having fun!

Miles three and four splits, 7:54 and 8:11, which meant I was currently on the pace for an equal time from three years ago...though my fuzzy runner's brain couldn't figure that out at the time. I knew that we were very close. 

A little before mile 5 we hit a dirt road that was a little tough on footing as well as having an overwhelming smell of cow manure. Ugh. Once we hit the mile marker and Jen announced a split of 7:35 I knew I had a PR. I may have done a little fist pump and jumped in the air at that point. I felt incredibly strong at this point and there was no slowing me down now. David was taking more photos at this location and there was no wiping the smile off my face.

All smiles! Go Team Spandits!
Photo credit: Maine Running Photos

There was one last hill to go, the one that my brain and lungs forced me to walk three years ago, but this time I charged up that sucker and did not turn back. I did feel a little guilty at this point only because Jen fell behind a bit and I had thought I should slow up so we could finish together. 

Soon I turned into the park with a quarter mile to go. I rounded the corner to the finish and saw 49:3x on the clock and was ecstatic! Not only would I PR, but I got that elusive sub-50. Jen finished just a few seconds behind me.

We grabbed some water and headed back to our cars to get warm thinking there was no way we placed. Ward, Jen's husband, told us that there weren't many women in front of us...maybe there was a chance. We made it back just in time to hear them call the third place woman's name and time in our age group and we had faster times! We collected our medals, squealed and hugged like a couple of teenagers (hey, it was exciting!) and then headed out.

Photo credit: Running With The Girls

Final stats:
49:41, 8:00 pace
45/202 overall
8/107 women
1/49 in AG (30-39)


  1. Awe! Great recap. I LOVE running with you! You push me so hard. :)

    1. Likewise! I can't wait to crush the MWC! Sub 1:20, baby!

  2. Love the smiles! You are motivating me to sign up for my first 2015 race!


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