Sunday, August 3, 2014

Spandits! 5K {Race Recap}

Last Saturday afternoon I headed up to Farmington to run a 5K. I typically would not drive over an hour and a half to run 3.1 miles, but being that it was the Spandits! 5K and I am a somewhat "local" ambassador for the brand, it was not even a question!

I met up with Jen (also a Spandits! ambassador) and her family as well as Jill and hers.

Jackson (Jill's son), Jen, Jill, Me
Photo courtesy Sarah Doscinski

I also had the opportunity to meet the other ambassador from Maine, Shelley, as well as the fabulous Spandits! owners, Kelley and Sarah!

Shelley, Jen, Me Spandits! co-owner Sarah
Photo courtesy Jen Boudreau

It was one big Spandits! party and a lot of the racers were decked out in awesome gear!

We waited around a bit during the 1-mile kid's fun run and then got all lined up to race. I didn't have any goal other than to have fun. I did want to try to keep it under 25 minute though and figured I'd stick with Jen as long as possible. She was running on tired legs from marathon training and I was running on legs that barely ran over the last month. 

The course starts going around the block and back over the start line before heading out to a turnaround point and both Jen and I commented that we were going too fast. Mile one came in at 7:30...yup, too fast. 

I think Jen runs with a perma-grin...the girl is always smiling!
Photo courtesy Maine Running Photos

It wasn't flat, yet wasn't overly hilly either, but with temps in the mid-70s and over 70% humidity I started to suffer quickly. I normally wouldn't pause for water during a 5K, but slowed down to a brief walk to grab a cup and pour it over my shoulders. I wasn't too far behind Jen at the turnaround, but I was really fading fast and felt like I was moving at a snails pace. Mile two came in at 8:34.

My legs felt great actually, but the humidity and lack of mileage made it a huge struggle to just breathe. Before long I saw Wade and Ward running back with the kids in the strollers just as I was going up the last hill. Ward was yelling something about popping my legs up the hill or something and accelerate around the corner. All I had to do was run down the hill to the finish, but then a huge wave of nausea hit. Seriously? I had two choices - just cruise to the finish and keep my insides in or race to the line and puke on the street. There was really nowhere to hide and I really, really did not want to throw up in front of everyone in my brand-spankin' new Team Spandits! kit. It really bothered me that I couldn't sprint. My whole being was telling me to sprint, all except my stomach. I'm hoping that it was the late day start time and heat that caused my tummy troubles, I never used to have this problem. 

Look of death or trying really hard not to toss my cookies.
Photo courtesy Maine Running Photos
Thank you, Sarah, for making my legs look skinny in this picture.
Photo courtesy Sarah Doscinski
Only two more steps
Photo courtesy Sarah Doscinski

Anyway, I made it to the end. I did not puke. I met my goals of having fun and keeping my time under 25 minutes...just barely.

Final stats:
24:58, 8:03 pace
40/82 overall
9/38 females
4/12 age group (30-39)

I love running small races and in a new place. It was great meeting a bunch of people I've only met through social media and racing for my favorite running apparel company. Overall, it was well worth the drive to run this race and I hope to have the opportunity to do it again. Go Team Spandits!


  1. You rocked. And the only reason why you didn't beat me was because you stopped for water. :)

  2. Way to tough it out! You definitely look more determined than pukey, so just choose to remember it that way :)

    1. Thanks! You are too kind, but I like that way of thinking!


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