Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let's do a little update...

Well, I slightly fell off the blogging planet, but with the half marathon behind me, I'm not training for anything (well I am, but it hasn't gotten serious yet), I just needed a little breather from early morning wake-ups to run. I did race on the 4th and I promise to get that recap up, hopefully by tomorrow. I got to enjoy a great holiday weekend with my family so I took a short blogging hiatus. 

Before the Bath Heritage Days 1-mi Fun Run
Sparklers with cousins at the waterfront

I've been working everyday on my fence project and I am so sore. My arms and legs are so tired! Home improvement = strength training. I contemplated getting up to run this morning, but my body had other thoughts. I've been painting for a few days now, but yesterday I spent a good eight hours ripping down one side, digging holes, setting posts, and putting the new fence up. By the time I got to working on the gate a thunderstorm rolled in and my brain was so fried that I called it a day.

After! (minus the gate)

I did get the gate finished and installed today. It's not a work of art by any means, but I used scrap lumber and salvaged fence parts so it was free. It will look a ton better once I finish the painting...you'll just have to wait to see the finished project.

Anyway, my mental state is telling me that I need to run soon and I'm hoping to get back to following a training plan next week. Talk to you soon!


  1. That fence looks amazing, I am so impressed. The cool air felt so good Saturday that I ended up doing a long run even though I knew I was spending the rest of the day helping my Mom get her yard ready for my wedding. After 9 miles of running and then 7 hours of moving rocks, hauling dirt, and trying to yank out stubborn bushes, I was done.

  2. I think the fence looks great - I got one here in NJ that's in dire need of repair ..hint, hint :D


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