Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week in Review, Screen Free Week and a Relaxing Mother's Day

Let's start off with my daily running log - 

Tuesday - 6 mi of speed work, 1 mi WU, 3x1 mile w/ 800m RI {7:29, 7:28, 7:34}, 1 mi CD

Wednesday - off

Thursday - 5 mi easy, 9:25 pace

Friday - off

Saturday - The Murph 5-Mile Trail Race, 47:46, 9:34 pace, AG win (30-39) and 4th female 

Race Recap HERE

Sunday - off

Monday - {morning} 2 mi run/walk with Finn and Ian (Finn ran .5 mile, I carried him the rest of the way), {afternoon} 3 mi easy, 9:00 pace

Last week, the elementary schools promoted a "screen-free week" in which they challenged the kids to cut back on time they spent watching TV or playing video games. There were nightly activities planned throughout the week for the kids to participate in. On Tuesday we went to a Dahlov Ipcar story walk and played on the playground at Zeke's school. Ian took the boys to a bike safety night on Wednesday. On Thursday we headed to the Maine Maritime Museum (which happens to be exactly a mile from our house...of course I know this because I am a runner.) 

Ian took them to the YMCA on Friday night for some activities. At first you'd think we were going to be torturing Zeke the whole week, but he ended up having a great time and survived with limited screen time.

Mother's day was wonderful, even though I had to work in the afternoon/evening. The boys gave me their homemade gifts including sweet cards, a clay thumbprint necklace from Zeke and a drawing in a popsicle stick and button frame by Finn. We headed over to my parent's house for breakfast and enjoyed various berry pancakes made by my father, Ian and my brother. It was nice to have the boys hang out with their cousins for a little while. Other than that it was pretty uneventful and relaxing as I recovered from the trail race the day before. I hope all you moms had a relaxing day, too!

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  1. I'm so amazed with your win! You rock and you don't even run trail races. Nice job with the screen free week! We've cut Tucker back BIG time. He's a much nicer kid too. :)


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