Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week in Review and a Mid-Week Long Run

After a big mileage week ending with over 31 miles, I was happy to have a drop back week. I typically run 15-20 miles per week - fairly low miles and the only other times I've gone over 30 miles in a week was the two times I ran a marathon! My body seems to be handling the rise in mileage fine, but it's good to have lower mileage weeks to recover.

Tuesday - 5 easy miles, 9:10 average pace

Relaxing by the river

Wednesday - off

Thursday - 6 easy miles, 9:12 average pace

Really loving these shoes.

Friday - off

Saturday - off

Sunday - off

Monday - off

Yup, that's a lot of off days. It wasn't supposed to be that way. There was a 13-mile long run scheduled for Sunday, but I didn't get motivated to get out and go and spent the day with the family before heading to work. Monday we had an all-day yard sale, so there was no opportunity to do it then either. 

My super handsome yard salers.

That meant I needed to do it today and try and squeeze it in while Finn was in preschool. Of course this means that this week will be up there in mileage, but my next long run will be on Monday due to Finn's birthday party on Sunday.

Since I had four full days off of running, I figured I'd make today's long run into a progression run, meaning I'd progressively drop the pace to end fast on the last miles when my legs were the most tired. Honestly, I wasn't really planning on doing it that way, but it kind-of just happened and I figured I'd go with it halfway through, making sure to keep the effort easy so I don't sabotage my other runs this week.

It was drizzling and in the low 50s, pretty much ideal for me. I was really comfortable in capris and a short-sleeve shirt. A hat was key to keep the water out of my face. I wasn't necessarily looking forward to this run since I was doing it on the bike path that is only 5.63 miles round-trip and I'd have to do the out-and-back more than twice to reach 13 miles. I ran into my friend, Wayne, who is a 7-plus-foot Jamaican guy that I used to work with just as I was getting to the start. I hadn't seen him in a while, but it was raining, he just finished his run, and I was on a time crunch so we didn't talk much. He's been dying to run the Beach to Beacon and has never gotten it. I told him I'm just spectating this year, but would be on the lookout for anyone wanting to transfer their bib. Let me know if you or someone you know don't want to or can't run the B2B, I've got someone that would love to. So that gave me a topic of thought for those first miles. 

Miles 1-3: 9:26, 9:26, 9:12

I was starting to get into a rhythm and my pace started to drop, but was still running consistently. When I got back to the parking lot I just turned around without giving myself time to think about stopping and ending the run there. 

Miles 4-8: 9:07, 9:03, 9:05, 9:00, 9:01

Once I got to this point I think I started thinking about running a marathon and how comfortable I was feeling running eight miles in a sub-4 marathon pace. Yes, I know a marathon is much farther that eight miles, but I've also not been doing a lot of running further than that and I just was feeling good. I completely was caught off-guard when my watch beeped at mile nine and I saw that I ran it in 8:42. It was like I hit cruise control and my legs just kinda went with it. My breathing was still unlabored and I was feeling relaxed. This is where I considered slowing down as this was about 40 seconds faster than long run pace, but I'm still over three weeks until the KRRT half and figured this would be a good time to run a bit faster when my legs were getting tired. I ended up keeping up this pace through miles 10 and 11 (8:43, 8:41). I had to start doing fuzzy runner's math at this point to figure out how much extra I'd have to tack on when I turned around at the parking lot a second time to reach 13 miles. I also was torn between keeping up the pace to the end or slowing down for a cool down. I like finishing runs strong. Mile 12 was 8:59, so I guess I slowed a bit. With one mile to go I was either just stuck on auto-pilot, running out of time before preschool was over, or excited about having such an awesome run that my last mile was the fastest of the 13 at 8:40. 

Happy and veiny...and wet.

I've got to get up early to do my runs the rest of this week due the husband's work schedule and a school field trip, but I've now just over 10 miles to go to hit 100 miles for the month!


  1. Good for you for getting out and doing your long run in the rain. I woke up and saw the rain this morning and went to the gym. I also haven't managed to get in a long run in weeks, without any long races on my calendar I just don't do it.

  2. Great job getting in a long run during the week and I speedy one at that! I like to run in drizzle, so the weather sounds kind of nice to me!


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