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Tommie Copper Performance Compression Leggings {Product Review}

Let me tell you about my magic pants. I call them such, because they honest to goodness perform magic on my legs. 

I've been a fan of the Tommie Copper product line for a couple of years now and use my Tommie Copper gear on a regular basis. You can find my other Tommie Copper reviews in the Product Reviews tab below my blog header or by clicking here. Hands down, my favorite TC product is the Performance Compression Leggings.

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These leggings are a part of Tommie Copper's Performance line, meaning they are perfect to wear during activities such as running or yoga, as well as to wear during the recovery phase. The fabric is really smooth and incapsulated with copper and zinc to provide anti-odor properties, as well as UPF 50+ protection against the sun's harmful rays.

So why do I love these leggings so much?

The fabric is just thick enough to keep me warm enough as the only layer I wore on cold winter runs with temperatures as low as the teens.  They aren't lined, so they could also be used as a base layer for someone who doesn't run as hot as I do. They also keep me cool in warmer weather and are great at wicking away moisture. They are constructed with flat-lock stitching that doesn't rub or chafe.

The wide waist band is super comfortable and doesn't dig in at all. There is even a pocket that holds my running fuel secure, but is really easy to access. The pocket is also handy to carry my cell phone around when I'm wearing the leggings for recovery.

They are the perfect length and provide just the right amount of compression to my full leg - my hips, my glutes, my hamstrings and quads, my knees, and my calves - all at the same time. This gives me the best feeling for my legs and provides incredible relief for my varicose veins that are the worst around my inner knees and calves. I am most self-conscious about my legs because of my veins, but these leggings hold everything where it should be and make my legs look amazing.

Now let me tell you my most recent example of why I call them my magic pants.

Last weekend I ran a 5-mile trail race on a rainy day. The trails were slick with mud and it was a very difficult course with a lot of ups and downs on the hills and had me dodging tree roots, rocks, and navigating narrow log bridges. I worked my legs hard and ran fast enough for a 2+ minute personal record and an age group win. Immediately following the race I had to go to work. Literally, I raced home, washed off the mud, threw on my Tommie Copper leggings (under my jeans) and raced to work getting there with one minute to spare. Then I worked where I stood on a concrete floor for 8.5 hours. When I got home, the only thing that hurt was my feet...obviously not covered by the leggings. 

Okay, maybe I'll be sore the next day? Well, I wore the leggings to bed and don't judge me, but I wore them the next day too. Thank goodness for those anti-odor properties! That afternoon I went to my other job, working in a busy restaurant (still wearing the leggings, this time with a running skirt over the top), for a 5-hour shift in which I probably walked a total of 4+ miles. Again at the end of the day, the only thing that ached were my feet - thank goodness for a husband that will give me foot massages. 

I wore them to bed one last night to ward off any swelling from being on my feet fully expecting to be sore the next day. The second day after a hard running effort is always the worst! I really can't believe it myself, but I experienced zero, and I mean zero muscle soreness as a result of working my legs so hard over the weekend. Not in my glutes, not in my hamstrings, not in my quads. Nowhere! My legs felt as fresh as if I had taken a week off. Magic. I am truly amazed and a believer in these leggings. I really want to get another pair so I can wear them every day! Did I mention that they come in an awesome bright pink! 

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I need them and so do you!

If you have any questions regarding my experience with the Tommie Copper Performance Compression Leggings or any of the Tommie Copper line, feel free to leave a comment or email me at mainemomontherun {at} gmail {dot} com. For more information about this product or the other Tommie Copper products visit There's going to be some really awesome things to come out in the Spring Line, so check back often! 

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of Performance Compression Leggings for the purpose of this review. I promise you that my opinions are absolutely, positively 100% my own.

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