Thursday, May 22, 2014

Three Things Thursday: All Things Running

1. It's exactly one month until the KRRT Half Marathon. It's been two years since I ran a half and it was at this event. If everything goes to plan, meaning Mother Nature doesn't decide to have a hot flash that day, I'll be coming away with a shiny new PR. I've been hitting all my paces in training and am in a good place mentally. The only thing that sucks the life out of me is the heat.

KRRT Half Marathon 2012 in perhaps the only shade on the course.

2. I've been toying with the idea of running a marathon sooner rather than later. Just for kicks I entered in my hopeful finishing time for the upcoming half into the Smartcoach program and when I scrolled down to see what it had my estimated marathon finish time as, I nearly fainted, cried, and pooped my pants.

Hee hee...I'm not telling you!

3. I'm on pace for my first ever 100 mile month! I didn't even hit the 100 mile mark when training for either of my two marathons. I'm coming up on a pretty crazy week with Memorial Day, a yard sale, Finn's birthday, a field trip for Finn's preschool, and his actual party including an epic cake. Let's see if I can fit it all in - I'll need to go running to keep my sanity!

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