Friday, May 30, 2014

Speaking of the Weather...

It was 34 degrees yesterday morning when I went for my run. 34 degrees Fahrenheit on May 29th. Two degrees above freezing. To be honest, I'm not complaining. Hate me if you will, but I'd rather run in this weather any day than 70-80 degrees. I keep saying to myself that Mother Nature really likes me and is helping me have a kick-butt training cycle with the cool temps, but then I think she might be just tricking me and will slam us with a 50-degree increase on the day of the KRRT Half Marathon. Ha ha, no heat acclimation for you. 

A long sleeve shirt and capris at the end of May.
Speaking of yesterday's run...six miles with four at tempo (8:02 pace). I ended up doing all of them on the track, with the exception of the first half mile of tempo pace. I did this for two reasons. One, I wasn't feeling like finishing at the top of the big hill at the end of the fast pace to get back to my house at exactly six miles. Two, I am super close to 100 miles for the month, and going long on the track meant I'd be .44 closer to 100.

Not from yesterday as it was so foggy you could barely see the track.

Speaking of 100 miles...I've only 4.34 miles to go to hit it. I was thinking on my run yesterday how every step was already adding to my monthly personal distance record of 89.1 miles set in July 2012. I know it's not really a big deal. It's just a number, just like 5 or 39 or 74, but it's nice and round and one of those marks I've wanted to hit. I've got five miles on the schedule for Saturday, so I've got this in the bag.
Speaking of Saturday...I have so much to get done to get ready for Finn's party. Like clean the house. If you saw the current state of my house (yikes!), then you might be freaking out a little too. I might have to pull one of those throw all the clutter in boxes, throw the boxes in a room, close the door and not let anyone into that room and deal with the boxes later. Funny thing, I already have more boxes of clutter than I can count stacked in our attic.

Apparently it's not later yet.

Speaking of Finn's party...we are going with a Super Mario theme. The boys and I started working on coin block piƱata and planned out the cake. Sunday looks like it is going to be a great day weather wise - sunny and in the high-60s.



  1. My mom was complaining how cold it had been up there this week! How crazy that you guys are back in the 30s!

    Good luck hitting triple digits for the month! You've got this!

  2. I hate the current weather for everything except running. You'll totally hit the 100 mile mark- congrats!

  3. The weather is so wacky....freezing in the morning. Sweltering in the afternoon! While you are still training in winter weather....I'm getting in my heat training!!! ;) And don't look now..... you'll probably beat me in mileage this month!!!!

  4. It's cold here too. I was going to bike this morning but it was way too cold for that.


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