Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week in Review

Okay, so now all the sickness is out of our house. Despite my hopes in my last post, both boys got sick again, but I'm happy to say they are better and finally have their appetites back. 

I have to get started with P90X2 again. I did the first two days then the sickness hit, so I need to just start over.

I did run over 20 miles last week, which is a HUGE win for me!

Tuesday I did a very, very slow 3 miles. I could pretty much count on one hand the things I managed to eat over the weekend when I was sick, so my energy levels were still pretty low on Tuesday. 

Everything is still so brown, but the sun is shining!

Thursday I did an easy 4 miles. If you remember, last week I accidentally did this week's tempo run a week early. I am thankful now that I did, so I get to ease back into running with an easy one. I did my normal 4 mile loop on an absolutely gorgeous day. It finally is feeling warm here!

Yay for 40+ degrees!
No tights!

Sunday I met up with the girls on the Rail Trail in Gardiner. It had been such a long time since we had run there. There were still a couple icy and snowy sections, but for the most part it was clear. Stacy, who is running the Sugarloaf Marathon again in May had 19 miles on her plan, so Jen, Jill and I joined her for part of it. 

I ran 13.42 miles! The last time I ran over 10 miles was way back in October at MDI! My calves were pretty cramped at the end, but I slipped on my compression sleeves and by keeping moving that night at work and using the foam roller, they were perfectly fine by Monday morning.

I've also been digging up the backyard to put down grass seed. Hopefully, we'll have a nice lawn this year rather than the sunken dirt pit with a few weeds and clumps of grass like last summer. Anyway, I've been turning the soil by hand with a shovel and leveled it all out. 

I got to spread the seed yesterday and we had a nice soaking rain overnight, so hopefully in a few days it will start to grow! And we can enjoy more afternoon naps in our newly landscaped backyard...


  1. Nice new header!!! And great job with your mileage and backyard. I cannot wait to fall asleep in a chair outside.

  2. Yeah for the warmer weather finally coming to Maine. I'm finding it so much easier to get out the door!


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