Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week in Review - Believe in the Run

It's been another good week of running. I think spring is finally here for good. I am ignoring the fact it is calling for a mix of rain and snow tomorrow night. 

On Tuesday I did an easy 3 miles (8:58 pace) in the rain before picking Finn up from preschool. 

Wednesday is an off day and I spent it worrying about my speedwork session the next day - mile repeats. Yes, back in the day I was a sprinter, but running faster than my 5K PR pace for multiple miles had me a little concerned. 

I woke up Thursday and decided that my negative thinking was just setting myself up for failure. Believing in myself and embracing the fact that this run would probably hurt was what I had to do to complete this run with success.

After a mile warm up, I got to work and clocked the first mile repeat at 7:25. I was pleasantly surprised. I knew the second repeat would be tougher since I have to go up a gradual incline, then up and over an overpass, and turn around and go back up and over before the mile was over. I still managed to beat my goal time of 7:37 by two seconds. 

The last 800 meter rest interval seemed to go by so quickly, but I knowing that I only had one more fast mile to go and the fact that I had met my goals for the previous two got me motivated to finish strong. The last one was tough, but I felt pretty good the whole time. My breathing never got out if control and when it started getting hard, I'd just tell myself to relax and it really helped. My last mile repeat was done in 7:22!

One more mile as a cool down and I completed 6 miles in 52:58 and an average pace of 8:46. I was riding a runner's high for the rest of the day and felt so proud that I absolutely crushed that run. 

Maybe it was the shoes?

Friday and Saturday were rest days from running, but it was pretty busy at work. We headed to the library on Friday and had fun playing in the park. 

We also made apple-cinnamon muffins to take to Finn's Art and Music Show for preschool on Saturday morning. 

So yummy.

It was so cute. He did a great job with all the singing and motions.

Preparing for his performance. Note the extreme concentration.

Sunday was my long run day, but unless I am meeting up with the girls to run, I find it very hard to take the time to get out there myself. It is the one day that all four of us are home for several hours at a time, so sometimes I would rather spend our family time together unless I already have plans.

So I did my long run Monday instead when Zeke was in school and Ian can spend some one-on-one time with Finn. Plus it was a much nicer day yesterday than on Sunday. Actually the weather was gorgeous! 

Ian wanted to get in a run too, so I decided to only do 6 miles instead of the 11 on my plan, but chose a route that hits some of the steepest and/or longest hills to make up for the shortage in mileage.

I really ran on feel and rarely looked at my watch. I just focused on keeping it easy. This was a little hard because of my need to attack the hills and the fact I was already sweating like crazy within the first mile. I was so thankful for the light headwind during the gradual mile-long hill between 2.5 and 3.5 miles of the route. I ran down by the athletic fields and track and prepared myself for the last doozie of a hill. I really focused on my form, lifted my knees and pumped my arms, and before I knew it I had conquered the last big hill. I felt pretty badass after that one. 6 miles done in 56:37, an average pace of 9:26. I'm hoping that I can acclimate to the warmer temperatures quickly (though I never really do) and will have to get used to carrying a hand-held water bottle again.

My springiest outfit.

Tell me - 
What's your ideal running temperature?

For me it's between 40-50 degrees. I race the best right around the freezing mark. Needless to say I was melting yesterday at 59 degrees.

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  1. Same for me. I love mid 40's and sunny with a little wind for training runs. Once it's over 60 I am totally miserable.


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