Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. Zeke's Kindergarten concert was last night. Talk about cute! 

Very proud to wear Dada's tie.

Top row - center

He was standing right next to a little girl in another class who is the daughter of someone I knew when I was little. Her mother, Lauren, was the youngest in her family and her oldest sister was in my younger brothers class. (Did you follow that?) I remember holding Lauren as a baby and now we have kids in the same class. So weird!

2. I started doing P90X2. Yesterday was my first day and it is tough! It is ridiculous how weak my core is, but exciting that I'll be getting stronger every day and I know it will make me a better runner.

Stability balls make good pillows.

I was worried that it would negatively affect my running at first as my body adapts to a strenuous strengthening program, but so far so good...see #3.

3. All week I have had in my head that today's run was six miles. One mile warm up, four miles at 8:10, and one mile cool I headed to the bike path and that's what I did. After looking at my training plan afterward, today was a cut back week and I was only supposed to do four easy miles. Oh well. 

The highlighted day, Carrie. The highlighted day.

Thankfully some of the wind we had yesterday had died down, but certainly not all of it! It was at my back for the warm up and first two tempo miles. I was still a bit slow for those at 8:19 and 8:13 and  was honestly concerned that when I turned around and hit the wind head on, I'd slow down even more. But I had to stay positive or I'd be setting myself up to fail. 

The wind-blown look is nice, no?
Sure enough I turned around to start the third tempo mile and got smacked hard in the face by wind. It was so hard to breathe as the wind seemed to suck the breath right out of my lungs. I just put my head down, pushed forward and planned on reassessing to see if it was worth doing the fourth tempo mile when I got to the end of the third. I was seriously surprised to see an 8:04 on my watch. I was certain I had slowed way down, I thought my lack of breath was completely due to the wind. I walked for approximately ten seconds, told myself to suck it up and finish the workout. I may have said a few swear words. But it worked and I clocked an 8:01 for my fourth and final tempo mile. I have never looked forward to that cool down mile more. Total of six miles in 52:12, overall pace of 8:42. Now I'm just resting and refueling before I tackle day two of P90X2!


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    1. Yes, but my kids are home with no husband until late and I REFUSE to push the double stroller! Haha!

  2. The wind has been totally brutal!


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