Thursday, March 13, 2014

I ran a half marathon.

Hi there! I've really got to start scheduling my blogging time, because I seem to be having a tough time getting on here at the moment. Here's a little look at what's currently going on. 

Even though we are currently having a snowstorm, we had some great weather last weekend with temps hitting the 40s and I was so excited to get out to run in it. I had a great tempo run on the bike path last Thursday. {1 mi WU, 3 mi @ 8:09, 1 mi CD = 5 mi @ 8:34 av. pace}

I was hoping to get out again on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning in the sunny weather, but I opted for hanging out with the boys and Ian instead.

I made Monday my long run day (10 miles) and it was so amazing. I didn't run until noon and the weather was great. I ran on some new roads here in town as well as some of my usual routes. Even though it was a good run, I still experienced some doubt in the beginning, specifically if I wanted to run the full 10. During the first couple I though about only doing four. After four miles, I contemplated going to eight. 

Then I made the decision to run along the waterfront and was snapping some pics as I was going along and took this one of the bridges between Bath and Woolwich.

Sagadahoc Bridge (vehicular) and Carlton Bridge (now trains only)

As I ran under the bridge and went to turn toward home, the stairs in front of me were just inviting me up.

So I took them and decided I'd run across the bridge and back...just because I could. 

After attacking all the hills on the run so far, going up the bridge was certainly a challenge for my tired legs, but I was happy that I did it. I've driven over this bridge and the old one next to it (that is now strictly for trains to cross the Kennebec River), literally thousands of times in my life. I had never been across it on foot. Let's just say it's much easier to drive over it, but it's much more exhilarating to run over it!

Carlton Bridge

View from the top

Once coming off the bridge I was at 6.5 miles and I headed toward home, but before I got to my street I had made the decision to continue on for the full 10 miles. Even though my legs were tired and knew I had several more hills to face, I was having such a great time and wasn't ready to be done just yet. There was no valid reason why I shouldn't keep going. 

I ended the 10 in 1:35:37 with an average pace of 9:34. 

I hadn't eaten anything since two slices of toast at breakfast and didn't drink or fuel on the run. I was ravenous. In the first mile I had run past Beale Street Barbeque and smelled all the deliciousness wafting in the air. I craved pulled pork and ribs like crazy the whole run and through the afternoon so that's what we ended up getting for dinner. It was so good!!!

Tuesday is a usual day for me to run and even though I had just done 10 miles the day before and never run two days in a row, the sun was out again and the temperature was even warmer. It was the perfect opportunity to shake out my legs with an easy 3 miles and try out my new Janji running shorts.

I'll have a full review soon, but let's just say even though I never run in shorts, I am pretty happy with these and can see wearing them a lot this summer. I tacked on an extra .1 so I can say I ran a half marathon over the weekend (13.1 miles over two days).


  1. Oh man this made me want Beale Street so badly!

  2. LOVE your new shorts! And perhaps we need to come down and join your family at Beale Street. My sister gave me a GC for my birthday!

  3. That 10 mile run sounds great! Love it when it's fun to keep going.


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