Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekly Roundup: Oh, my toe.

Disclaimer: There may be an ugly foot picture in this post. Since this is mainly a running blog and you are reading this, you most likely are also a runner and also have ugly feet. If you are not a runner, you are still welcome, but consider yourself warned.

Let's start out with last week's running schedule:

Monday - off
Tuesday - 2 mi easy @ 9:38
Wednesday - off
Thursday - 5 mi tempo (1 mi WU, 3 mi @ 8:13 that ended up being 7:50, 7:59, 7:40, 1 mi CD)
Friday - off
Saturday - off
Sunday - off (NOOOO!)

So my toe hurts. My fourth toe on my left foot...the one next to the pinky. I'm not sure what I did. I don't recall stubbing it and can't pinpoint when it started hurting, but I did wear dressy shoes on Friday for a few hours and while they aren't super tight, they may have caused my toe pain. It is localized on the side next to the nail and under the skin, like a bruise, but you can't see anything. If anything, it's a tad swollen and most likely my nail had a bit of trauma from my shoes.

Pointing to the exact hurt location with a Lego ninja sword.
Super lame. And what's worse is that I skipped my long run on Sunday in hopes it would feel better Monday and I could run then. But it still hurt yesterday too, so I scrapped this week's long run altogether in hopes it will heal faster. It doesn't help when your kids somehow step squarely on the hurt toe a total of three times in the matter of a few hours. 

Am I being a super big baby about this? I'm pretty good with dealing with pain, I mean I had two kids without any drugs whatsoever, but this toe is bumming me out. What do you think? Suck it up and run or not let it get any worse and heal first? Do you have toe problems? Any lame injuries?

To make up for the ugly foot picture, here's a cute one of Finn sleeping...


  1. I have ugly feet too! I often have toe issues and they are really annoying! For some reason toe injuries are more nagging to me than other more painful things. You are not a baby! Toes get tons of abuse as runners!

  2. Epsom salt! You may have a small splinter or ingrown something. My son had a similar spot and we soaked it and no less than 5 minutes into soaking, all of a sudden the area was draining pus. It was immediately better. Yes. Epsom salt. Do it. Now. :) Then go run!

  3. I really hope its just a little something. Hugs girl!!!

  4. Epsom salts do work! This may sound odd, but I use coconut oil on my feet before I go to bed. It has anti-fungal.anti-microbial properties & lauric acid that has potential to reduce inflammation.

  5. I agree with the epsom salts! They work wonders! Happy running!


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