Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tempo Success

I had a tempo run on the schedule today and decided to head to the bike path in Brunswick instead of finding a treadmill to use. It just snowed yesterday so I was hoping that they had the path plowed - and they did! It was still covered in packed snow but there were a few spots where it was starting to melt and uncovering the pavement. I forgot to bring my Stabilicers so I wasn't sure how it would go. I was prepared to adjust times accordingly depending on the traction. 

99.9% of the path was like this.

I started out for my one mile warmup (9:27) and was still unsure if I'd be able to run the tempo pace (8:13) for three miles. I shouldn't have worried. The first tempo mile came to 7:50. Oops. The second tempo mile was 7:59. Still too fast, but better. I focused on easing up a little. The third and final tempo mile...7:40. So much for easing up! Add on one cool down mile at 9:01 gave me 5.02 miles in 42:05 with an average pace of 8:23. I am so pumped! Take that are no match for me!

Partial credit goes to my Mizuno Wave Rider 17s

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  1. I wish I was closer to that path- they do such a good job plowing it! I stopped a couple weeks ago on the way back from my Mom's and it was a great run.


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