Friday, February 7, 2014

3 Years

Three years ago I set out for a run. It was a cold and sunny day, much like today. I mapped out a two-mile route that included a massively steep hill, laced up my Nike's, and hit the pavement. It wasn't fast. It hurt...a lot. I walked...several times. But I finished. 

And I got back out there. It got easier. I found a training plan. I ran a 5K.

Race the Runways - April 2011

Then a 10K.

L.L. Bean 10K - July 2011 w/ my speedy friend Meredith (2nd female)

Then a half marathon.

Race the Runways - April 2012

And eventually a full marathon and whole slew of distances in between.

Maine Marathon - September 2012

I run when it is hot. 

I run when it is dark. 

And when it's raining.

I run when it is cold. 

And snowy.

I run when I am tired because running has a way of waking me up and making me feel alive. 

I run alone. 

I run with my husband. 

Sea Dogs Father's Day 5K - June 2012

I run pushing a double stroller full of two little boys.

Bath Heritage Days 5-Miler - July 2013

I run with my friends.

Bond Brook 5 Mile Trail Run - October 2012

While I ran competitively way-back-when in high school and college, I always would take the summer months off. There was no running for me year-round.

So today, I celebrate three years of running and have no plans to stop.


  1. Beautiful!!!! Way to celebrate your 3 year runniversary! xoxo

  2. Happy three year ranniversary!

  3. Love this post, Carrie. Happy Ranniversary!!! xoxo

  4. Carrie, this was a wonderful path through your races. Good luck in 2014!


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