Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weekly Roundup

I finally ran over 20 miles in a week - 23 miles to be exact! Because I ran my long run with Jen on MLK Day, I managed to get two long runs in a 7 day span. The last time I did more was the week of MDI back in October. It feels so good to have a plan again and watch those miles add up. 

Monday - 8 miles with Jen
Tuesday - 2 miles
Wednesday - off
Thursday - 5 miles on TM with the middle 3 at 8:12 pace
Friday - off
Saturday - off
Sunday - 8 miles on TM with Jen and Jill

I'm feeling great! My calves are a bit sore after Sunday's run as I typically run more on my toes on the treadmill. I have three easy miles to do today to shake them out and start prepping for the Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler this coming weekend.

We had Finn's parent-teacher conference last night and because of a babysitter snafu they had to come with us. We were all starving after and I had a gift card to Applebee's so we headed there for some grub. We had one of those moments when you become the proudest parents on the planet when a stranger takes the time to come over after their meal and praise the boys for being so well behaved! 

Such a good little monkey.

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  1. I did 3 easy...slooooow miles today too. Then followed up with some yoga. My legs are still SOOOOOREEE!!!!!

  2. Great runs and how awesome that the boys got a compliment when you were out.


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