Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three Things Thursday

1. RUNNING - So far I've been doing well on my goal for 2014 of rebuilding. Today's run totaled out January's running miles at 54.74, which is more than November and December combined. My legs are feeling great and I've looked forward to getting out there every time. Despite the frigid temperatures and bad road conditions, all but three runs have been outside. I'll be wishing for this weather come summer when I'm melting, so I've tried enjoy the cold as much as possible. Honestly I still dress fairly light for the cold too. Today it is 9 degrees and I wore this...

On top, my long sleeve Nike half-zip and my Brooks vest. On bottom, New Balance cold-weather tights, mid-weight Balega socks, and Mizuno Wave Rider 17. There was a hat and gloves in there too. But I was sweating... There is a reason I live in Maine.

2. BURPEES - FitFluential has created a 1000 Burpee Challenge that is active through February 28th. All you have to do is complete 1000 burpees by that date and you are eligible to win a head-to-toe outfit from Under Armour! Post your progress on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #FFBURPEE and invite your friends to join in! 

3. NUTRITION - Honestly, I suck at this. I need to drink more water. And I eat too much junk food...for instance yesterday I finished off a box of Dunkin Donuts I ate 10 of them. They are just so good. What I need to do is start making my own protein balls, call them donut holes, and make myself only eat one...maybe two....or three...gah! See my problem here?!? I did buy a big tub of mixed greens and salad stuff so I'll be filling up on veggies for a few steps. How do you keep yourself from eating all the food?


  1. I don't keep myself from eating all the food. Looking great in my wedding dress motivation worked about a week and now I am back to my old way, especially at night. I just can't convince my brain that an apple is as tasty as a cookie.

  2. I need to change my eating too. I suck at it. Guess I just need to go clean. Ugh!

  3. I love donuts! And so much junk food. It's hard to eat healthy but I try.

  4. Eating habits do not change over night. Start small with one goal each week, and when you are confident with accomplishing that goal, add another. And listen to your body. Sometimes I crave sweets when I am really tirsty - it looks like you have already made this connection.


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