Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 in Review and a Fresh Start

Happy New Year! 

Let's do a quick recap of 2013, shall we?

Races run: 7

PR's achieved: 3 {KRRT 5K in June (by 2 seconds),  Sugarloaf 15K in May, and Bath Heritage Days 5-Miler in July pushing the double stroller (the latter two by default as this was my first time racing these distances), oh and I completed my first Spartan with the girls in November so I guess I could count that as a PR too}

KRRT 5K (age group win!)
Sugarloaf 15K

Bath Heritage Days 5-Miler in 94 degrees
Scaling the cargo net at Spartan: Fenway Park

Miles run: 491.8 {yup, I didn't reach 500 but I'm not the least bit upset about it. My theme for 2013 seemed to be "the year of whatever". I didn't follow any sort of plan throughout the year and still managed a pretty decent year. Though not fast, I did complete a second marathon at MDI in October. 

Looking back at my goals post for 2013, I didn't really set any goals. I mentioned that I wanted to run somewhere between 750-1000 miles...that didn't happen. I wrote that I'd like to go sub-1:50 in the half and sub-4 in the full. Well, I didn't even run a half marathon, but that is still a goal. And of course sub-4 is still a goal for a marathon, but I'm not even sure I'll be running one this year. And that was it. Like I said, it was the year of non-stressed running - run when I want, as far as I want.

That being said, I think I'm ready to start training with purpose again. 

Once I digest my huge breakfast of eggs and sausage I'll be headed out for a few miles. I might wait until mid-afternoon so it can warm up to the forecasted high of 19 degrees. It's stinking cold out there! 


  1. 19 degrees? Maybe I will wait a bit and run outside. Great job girl!!!

  2. Great job with the PRs this year! those always feel so good. Have fun on your run!

  3. Good luck in 2014 runs & challenges :)

  4. no matter what your year was "supposed to be", you had a great one!!! hope to see you more in 2014 :)


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