Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quick Catch Up.

Geez, how has it been over a week since my last post? What a slacker! Sorry about that.

Anyway, we had a great Thanksgiving and I feel like I ate my weight in turkey and all the fixings over the last several days. And there are still leftovers in the fridge.

My marathon and Spartan recovery month has come to a close with a dismal 22.9 miles run, a close second to February with 19.8 miles. I really felt like I needed a big step back month to recover and now I'm ready to tackle the last month of the year. I will hit 500 miles if it's the last thing I do. 

I did a quick three miles today and stayed really consistent with my splits - 8:18, 8:17, 8:19.

It's time to start amping up training for the Mid-Winter Classic in February which might be one of my favorite races.

As part of a FitFluential campaign with Mizuno (and we all know how much I love Mizuno),  I have the opportunity to try out the new Wave Rider 17's due to come out in a couple of days. 

I'll have a review of them here tomorrow or maybe the next day. But a little spoiler until then ... I LOVE them!

I'm also trying out some new headphones by Koss and will be reviewing those as well next week.

Let's see, what else?

I decided I've had it with our downstairs bathroom. The ugly plastic tile walls, the nasty shag carpet...it's got to go. So I'm doing a low-budget mini-makeover before the holidays. 

Speaking of the holidays, the whirlwind has begun. Zeke's 6th birthday (six? how did this happen?) is in two weeks followed by Christmas. So far, I've bought two things. Fantastic. 

Oh, and I spent THREE hours with Finn getting new tires on my car today. I was seriously freaking out a little since we had to be home to get Zeke off the bus. We made it with ten minutes to spare. 

How was that for a random post about everything and nothing at the same time?

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  1. Can't wait for your review of the earphones. Currently searching for one. :)


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