Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mizuno Wave Rider 17 {Product Review}

Disclosure: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.

You all know how much I love my Mizuno shoes, right? Well, I was very excited when I was chosen to test out the new Wave Rider 17 that will be in stores December 5th! 

Prior to the Wave Rider 17, I've run in the Wave Precision 13 (discontinued), Wave EVO Cursoris (discontinued), and Wave Sayonara. I'll be mentioning these shoes within this review for comparison.

Wave Precision 13, Wave Rider 17, Wave Sayonara

The Wave Rider is Mizuno's flagship shoe and had been through many transformations throughout the 16+ years of it's existence. It is a neutral shoe with a little bit of support and great cushioning. So what's new with the Wave Rider 17?

Like the Sayonara, the Wave Rider 17 now sports the U4ic (pronounced "euphoric") midsole that is lightweight, but still delivers excellent cushioning. Out of the box I thought the Wave Rider 17 was a little stiff, but after wearing them for a few runs and around the house I love how they feel. I am a huge fan of all the cushioning around the ankle.

I do wish it was carried a little further forward by the laces as this is a very stiff part of the shoe that tends to put pressure on the top of my foot. The Sayonara do that as well, but they do loosen up with wear. The tongue is also well cushioned that helps protect from the stiffness in this area.

Both the Sayonara and Cursoris are lightweight shoes (closer to racing flats in style) and the Wave Rider 17 has dropped the weight about an ounce compared to the Wave Rider 16. 

Because I had been running recently in shoes with a lower heel-toe drop (Cursoris and Sayonara), the Wave Rider 17's felt a little clunky on that first run. 

Wave Rider 17 vs. Wave Sayonara

I hadn't run with this much of a heel since the Precision 13's several months ago. After a couple of runs, I don't notice it as much anymore. I am looking forward to running in the Wave Rider 17's for long runs (as of this review my longest run is three miles). They do remind me of the feel of the Precision 13's (which I loved and ran my first marathon in) much more so than the Sayonara does which replaced the Precision. 

Wave Rider 17 vs. Wave Precision 13

The Wave Rider 17 seems very breathable, yet has kept my feet quite warm on cold days. The mesh is very flexible and hopefully will hold up to use. I was initially worried about the width and height of the toe box. While the Wave Rider 17 only has two areas with sewn overlays, the one on the toe ends precisely where my pinky toe is and seemed a little tight on the first day.

It has since stretched out and is perfectly comfortable. This is one place on my Precision's that blew out (but not until I put over 400 miles on them). I also have a tendency to lift my big toe when I run and it will poke through the top of the toe box after awhile. In my Sayonara this happened with less than 100 miles (sad face), but the Wave Rider 17 seems to have a little more room and the material feels more resilient so hopefully they will hold up fine. I wear a Women's size 9 and even though some suggest going up a half size, I feel like the Wave Rider fits true to size. It is important to note that the Wave Rider series is offered in multiple widths to ensure a good fit.

I really like the sole of the Wave Rider 17. I did a short run with a light dusting of snow on the ground and in freezing rain with no problem with slipping. I think it will be a good winter running shoe. 

I also like how the outer edge of the forefoot is rounded rather than a sharp edge at the transition from the side to the sole. I land on the outer edge of my foot and the shape of this area keeps my stride smooth. 

The Wave Rider 17 will be offered in three different colorways for men and women for $115, so head out to your local running store on December 5th and pick up a pair. I'm hoping Santa will bring me another pair for Christmas!

Overall, I think Mizuno hit it out of the park with the Wave Rider 17. It is an all-around great shoe that will make Precision fans happy with the structure, support, and cushioning, and Sayonara lovers will be stoked to have a lightweight training shoe that can go the distance. 


  1. Loving the feel of this shoe, can't wait to pick up later this week!

  2. I run in the Wave Precision 13 (still working on buying up the pairs left I can find). And I wanted to ask cause it sounds like you land about the same spot I do. How does the lateral forefoot cushioning in the wave rider 17 compare to the Precision? More/Less or about the same?

    1. Hi Phillip, I'd say it is about the same. It's hard to compare now since my Precisions are so old and it's hard to remember how they felt new. The Wave Rider 17 sure is a comfy shoe, though.

  3. Hmm - will definitely look into those Mizunos

  4. I such as the footwear fit and I have worn New Balance WW847 for many years. I was dissatisfied in the high quality of this WW847. The facing/binding at the top of the instep, is not finished correctly. It has raw/raveled sides. I returned one set of the very same model with this grievance and received another coupled with the same defect. None of my previous set of various New Balance designs have actually had this issue - the quality was fine with my other New Balance styles. I even have to ask yourself if this set were "seconds"?

  5. Great to hear! I just bought these yesterday!


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