Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Still Recovering.

I have been able to tell in the last couple of days that I am still recovering from MDI. Moving forward for just shy of five hours takes a toll on your body and it's apparent that I still need to take it easy. 

I met the girls at the Rail Trail on Sunday for eight miles. It's been months since I've run there (before summer, I think) and it was nice to be on a trail with few hills and no traffic. And while we all were together at MDI, it's been even longer since we all ran together at the same time. I felt fine during that run, though every once and a while I'll feel a twinge in my left piriformis or right iliac crest, two issues that I managed during marathon training.

My lower back was one area that bothered me during the marathon (and at the Maine Marathon in 2012). Ever since I was pregnant with Finn I would once in awhile tweak it, usually by bending over at the waist or not using my legs to lift something. It's just felt a little off in the last couple of days - not hurting, but just tired and I feel like I've been slouching a lot.

I ran my four mile route this morning and it was beautiful out. Cold, but the sun was shining. I had to take my gloves off and push up my sleeves about a mile and a half in even though it was only in the lower 30s. I got hit with a painful stitch in my upper abdomen at mile 2.5 that would not go away. You know the kind when it just hurts to breathe? Yup, that's the one. My usual rhythmic 3-2 breathing was more like 3-2-2-2 and I just could not get in a good groove. Oh well, there's bound to be some rough runs out there. My splits were 8:39, 8:19, 8:31, 8:19 - so not bad, but I felt like I was working harder than I wanted. 

I am pretty impressed that my C9 tights I bought when I first got back into running in February 2011 are still in great condition! Though I'm still hoping that Santa will bring me a pair of Mizuno tights or these CW-X ones...

…they are so pretty!

Anyway, I'll be working my core like mad to gain some strength and hopefully by spring I'll be ready to race for a bunch of shiny new PRs. And Spartan Fenway is in 11 days…I hope I survive!


  1. Carrie, Im glad you're recovering from MDI... definitely smart to keep the effort low in these next few weeks as your body adapts. I really gotta say, that pace is much too fast for a recovery run. A good rule of thumb for recovery is 60-90 seconds slower than half-marathon pace.

    For example, on my easy runs after a hard workout.. I will do 6-10 miles nice/slow at roughly 8:00min pace, (half marathon pace is 5:50). That way I really am recovering and getting the benefit of not taxing my system. I know it seems weird, but it took me a few years to really grasp the idea of how to run a recovery run.

    It's ok to tell me to shut the F up if you want, but just some unsolicited advice from a jerk runner :)

    1. Ha! No worries, I welcome your advice!

      You are right, I do have a tendency to push too hard when I'm recovering. Considering that today's run was slightly faster than my current HM pace and that my body was having a tough time, it's clear that I still need to take it easy. I want to be smart and build up this winter to really have a kick-ass year in 2014…and bring it to the next level! :)


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