Thursday, October 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Happy Halloween!

1. I ran for the first time since the marathon this morning. I dressed in my most festive Halloween running gear.

Spandits! skull capris, purple Zensah arm sleeves, orange Zensah calf sleeves, purple C9 tee shirt, green Brooks vest, and purple Nike visor. Of course I was wearing my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras...that's a given! It was in the upper 30s when I went so I was also wearing gloves for the first couple of miles.

I was thinking of doing 6.66 miles in the spirit of Halloween, but miscalculated and was at 7.25 by the time I got back home and then since I was feeling so good, I made a little loop to reach eight miles in 1:13:33, a 9:12 overall pace. I felt like I was taking it pretty easy and then picked up the pace in the final two miles for splits of 9:01, 9:15, 9:17, 9:24, 9:32, 9:13, 8:53, 8:57.

It felt so good to be back out there. I was getting pretty grumpy from taking the last 10 days off. 

2. You know how in my last post I was contemplating focusing on PRs in shorter distances rather than more marathons? Well, I might be going the other way. Yesterday I won an entry into the 2014 MDI Marathon! 

Of course I still may use the entry to do the half marathon option or do it as part of a relay if the girls are game. I'm still giving it thought and don't need to decide right away.

3. I had fun looking back at the boys' Halloween pictures over the last five years. This year is the first time I didn't make one of their costumes. Between their changing their minds several times a day and waiting too long, I didn't have time to get one made. Plus we found what Finn wanted to be on sale at Target. I would have spent more money in supplies, so I'll let it go this year. Here's a recap in photos of past years.
Zeke the Turtle - 2008
Raggedy Zeke - 2009

Zeke the T-Rex - 2010

Finn Rabbit - 2010
Finn the Bumblebee and Zeke as Peter Pan - 2011

Zeke as Optimus Prime and Finn the Rooster - 2012


  1. That T-rex costume is awesome! Hahah. Congrats on winning the entry!! That's so exciting!!

    ~ Lora at Crazy Running Girl

    1. Thanks Lora! Just the head alone took about 10 hours of work. We still have it too!

  2. That's awesome about the free entry!!! I wish we could run MDI again next year, but with our Ironman we can't :( Oh well, we'll definitely do it again sometime!

  3. so happy you won!!! that's awesome. I know we will do something next year.....just what???


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