Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Taper Time

It's hard to believe that all my long runs are complete. It really seems that I just started this training plan, and here I am, less than three weeks from the starting line of my second marathon. 

Not all runs went as planned, but that is okay. Sure, I would have liked to get in more than one 20-miler, I probably should have run more during the week, and built up a bigger base before this cycle began. Honestly, I'm not too worried about any of that. This year, running has been more about having fun and not stressing about hitting a particular time or achieving a new PR. 

At Sugarloaf in May, I ran my first 15K. And though it becomes an automatic PR, I was very, very light on the running miles leading up to it, but the pace I ran was just two seconds off my 10K PR pace. 

I ran a 5K on the Rail Trail in June in a torrential downpour and scored an age group win and a two-second PR without doing any speedwork in preparation. 

In August, I ran the Beach to Beacon 10K for the third consecutive year and took two minutes off my time on that course. Cooler temps were a part of my performance, but as with the other two races, I honestly believe that it was my attitude that had the greatest impact on the outcome. 

So here I am, not stressing out about running 26.2 miles in 18 days. I don't really have a time goal in mind, though I'm sure I have enough mental strength to PR. If I don't, I know I'll still have an awesome experience. My birthday is two days before the race and I plan on celebrating and enjoying every step. I'll be running the whole thing with my best friends (one at a time) and enjoying the most beautiful marathon course there is. I can't lose. 


  1. You cannot lose!!! You will be amazing! And we will celebrate your birthday the night before. No worries! It won't be Slates - but there are fabulous places to eat at MDI. ;)

    1. We'll just have to wait until after for celebratory margaritas!

  2. You will be great!!! :) Looking forward to hearing a recap of your marathon! :)


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