Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just get me to the finish.

So I was going to do one more run on Thursday before the Mount Desert Island Marathon this weekend, but I'm going to drop it. I've stayed pretty healthy this entire training cycle. I haven't been sick or injured. My only setback was a slight piriformis issue a few weeks ago that seems to be resolved. 

With one week to go, my children came down with stuffy noses and Zeke has quite the cough. Of course this would happen now. Being a mostly stay at home mom, I can't escape and put myself in a bubble. I'm usually pretty healthy and can fend off their sickness for the most part, but I am feeling a little stuffed up and my throat has the beginning scratchy feeling. I've been taking echinacea to try and boost my immune system and keeping a positive attitude. I am not getting sick. Mind over matter, right?

On top of that my hip is bothering me. On my right iliac crest. 


I've had this issue before a year or so ago and it hurt going upstairs the most. Eventually it went away. Just the other day I was thinking I was glad I didn't have to deal with that this time around and I go and jinx myself. I did have a brilliant run yesterday. Maybe too much of a good thing, though. 

After a quick two miles on Monday, I wanted to go to the bike path in Brunswick so I could have an easy 4-mile run without the hills. It was awesome. I was just going along at a perceived easy pace only to look down at my mile one split and see 8:19. That's not your easy pace, Carrie. Not yet, anyway. Then I clocked mile two in 8:02. I walked a few steps at the turn around in hopes that would force me to slow the pace for the second half. According to my watch, it didn't work. In my mind I was making an effort to run easy, but my legs were on cruise or something and just kept going. I think I instinctively speed up when there are people to pass (which there were others running and walking) and I always finish every run with a kick. I don't even think about it, I just do it. Anyway, miles three and four - 7:58 and 7:44. Oopsie.

I felt great after. My legs were not at all fatigued and had no aches and pains. The only injury was to my Mizuno Wave Sayonaras - my toe finally busted all the way through. 

I'm not all that happy about this, I don't even have 200 miles on them.

I pick up Finn from preschool and work on the computer a little when we get home. I go to stand up and wham-o, shooting pain in my hip. I seriously could barely walk all day, it hurt that bad. WTF? So I iced it off and on for the rest if the day, stretched and foam rolled and tried to take it easy. 

It's a lot better this morning. I can still feel it, but it is no longer excruciating. I can walk without a limp. So that it why I'm dropping my last run. Hopefully four full days of rest will be enough to get me across the finish line on Sunday. And I'll have my girls to keep my pace in check. 


  1. oh,, of course, the last minute pains! I hope it goes away for you soon. good luck in your race, I know you will do awesome!!

  2. Ignore the pain! I had a hell of a time with my left piriformis/gluteus medius pre Smuttynose. The excitement of race day will get you through it no problem :-) (then you can get put back together....) Good luck fighting off those sniffles too!

    1. Thanks Sara. That's what I'm hoping for.

  3. Taper crazies! Naturally you always start to feel sick and injured right before the race. You were very smart to skip the last run. 4 miles isn't going to get you any fitter- but it could hurt you. Good luck in the race!

  4. That's too bad about your shoes!!!! Ugh. And take care of that hip! Are you sanitizing everything? I'd be living in a bubble.

  5. Keep repeating Dad's saying...I feel happy, healthy, and terrific! If anyone can push through, it is you!


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