Monday, September 30, 2013

Goodbye to September

In the last week I was excited to see that I was on track to run my first 100 mile month. My highest previous month was 89.1 miles in July of 2012. Because this September had five weekends with two of those being 20-milers for MDI training, 100 miles was going to happen. Until this morning.

I woke up with a killer headache, felt like I was in a fog and my stomach did not feel good at all. Twenty miles all by myself was the last thing I felt like doing. I know I am so close to being done with this cycle, but I just was not in the mindset of running for over three hours. At first I was bummed that I wouldn't reach the 100 miles. Really, that's silly. It's just a number. Someday I'll hit that, but it was not going to be this month. So September will end with 81.4 miles, my second highest ever. My new plan is to go out tomorrow while the boys are at school and get in 18-20 miles and start my favorite month out of the year off right. I can do this!

Today I'm enjoying the time with my family...though I just took the time to write this post. Oops. 

Speaking of family, we went apple picking yesterday and picked up some pumpkins to decorate our newly "almost" finished porch. Zeke and I even made a little scarecrow out of the boys' outgrown clothes.

I also got to run with Jen and Stacy on Saturday for 6 miles. Seriously, I have missed running with them so much! 
Photo courtesy

It just amazing how easy it seems when running with friends. It is so much more fun and time goes by so fast! 

I am so looking forward to MDI! Along with Jill, they are running MDI as a relay (team Pirate Booties), so I'll have company every step of the way. Poor Jen gets me on the last leg when I'm the most tired and where there are some significant hills. She posted this to my facebook yesterday.

Perfect! At least she's prepared!


  1. Your porch looks great!!! I wish I had your talent with fixing things up. I just cannot be bothered to do it. lol

  2. Well maybe you didn't hit 100 this month but congrats on the 2nd highest monthly mileage. That's still very impressive.

  3. Love the cute scarecrow! I get headaches too, so I get way to get a run it. Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Your porch is adorable! I cannot wait to run your last leg of the marathon with you!!!! You will be great! ;) Better be careful with your mileage...I'm catching up to you!


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