Monday, August 12, 2013

Week in Review

Here's a quick recap of last week's training:

Tuesday - off (moved twelve 5-gallon buckets of damp sand and walkway pavers - phew!)
Wednesday - 4.5 miles
Thursday - .5 mile WU, hill repeats {:44, :40, :40, :39, :40), 1 mile CD
Friday - off
Saturday - off
Sunday - in lieu of long run, weight training in the form of filling a 30 yd dumpster with all our crap, and moving more 5 gallon buckets of sand
Monday - 10 miles @ 9:24 average pace

It was a beautiful morning for a run. I woke up after a not so great night of sleep, but knew that I had to get out the door. I decided to run down through Phippsburg to get in some more good hill training for MDI. 

The route also has some really picturesque spots too, so that helps when I'm running solo.

I tried to keep the pace slow, and did well for the first couple of miles. My comfy, easy pace seems to be around 9:20, though I know I should be running the long run slower than that.

Mile one and two - 9:50, 9:35

Mile three crosses the small bridge over into Phippsburg and I saw (and heard) about fifty Canada geese in the water and on the shore. I happened to clock this mile in 9:06, though it didn't feel like I was going that fast.

However the hill that comes shortly after mile three certainly slowed me down.

I almost got to the top before my legs gave out and I had to walk to the top. But can you blame me? Look at that beast! Mile four - 9:48

I was able to keep a pretty steady pace for the next five miles and even ran the entire way up the backside of the monster hill which takes about a mile of running to get to the top in that direction.

Miles 5 - 9 - 9:17, 9:12, 9:17, 9:17, 9:12

I was in a pretty good running groove and feeling pretty strong, either that or my legs were just numb at this point. I did have to walk for just a few seconds up the third to last hill. My ankles were sore from running so much in the soft and uneven dirt on the side of the road, I was done - tired, thirsty, and hungry. Mile ten - 9:32. Pancakes with fresh Maine blueberries were ready as soon as I got home!

We decided against going back to the old house for more dumpster filling and drove the route I just ran to go to Popham Beach State Park. It was a perfect day for the beach!


  1. I appreciate your comment about keeping a slower pace for long runs. I think I try to run too fast for long runs! I am working my way back up to 10-12 mile long runs:)

  2. WOOHOO!!!! Beautiful day for a 10 miler and a great day for a beach day! ;) Great work girl....and all that dumpster and paver work is great for the Spartan training! ;)

  3. Beautiful! Nicely done on the run too!

  4. Nice job. great views. I like that, "feeling strong" or "pretty numb". ha.


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