Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wasting a Day Alone

Ian and the boys headed to Long Island this morning to visit with cousins that are visiting from New York along with Ian's grandmother. I stayed behind as I have to work later today and was hoping to get some things done being without kids. So....I've barely done anything! I sorted out some lumber from the deck tear-down to see what I can reuse for my front porch renovation, but it's hot out and can't bring myself to finish the job. 

I haven't run in a week. Yes, I am training for a marathon. My right heel started hurting last Saturday and I really don't want it to hurt any more and it is kind-of getting better. I did a bunch of sit-ups, wall-sits and planked on Friday instead of running since I was waiting for a delivery that I didn't end up having to sign for. But now my lower back that I seem to constantly tweak lately is achy. And I waited too long today and like I mentioned, it is hot out there. 

The reason I didn't get up super early to run is that Ian and I stayed up ridiculously late for us (like 2 AM), and I felt like death this morning. The main reason we stayed up? Because we were playing around with this new toy...

I got all the photos transferred from our old computer and have been reminiscing looking at the boys' pictures when they were babies. So I guess I got one thing done. 

Zeke - 10 months

Finn - 1 day old

At least I am enjoying the quiet and got to watch some HGTV shows on Hulu (also thanks to the new 'puter).

Moving day is tomorrow. Yes, we have been living here since December. But we are finally renting a truck and getting the rest of our crap out of the old house. Funny how we have managed to get by for seven months without it. I almost want to have a whole house sale rather than a yard sale. Just open up the door and say, "Take anything you want!"

Well, that's what I've been up to. I promise I'll get a running-related post up here soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. YAY!!! I love new toys!!!! :)

    And good luck with your move! You sound like you're pretty calm about it, I am impressed and I admire that. I would definitely be a stressball. LOL!


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