Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Out of Three!

Today I ran my third run in as many days. This was the first time I have ever run three days in a row since my college days. I will be honest and say that I had thoughts of taking a rest day. But I slept in my running clothes, so there was no excuse. It was cool with a light drizzle, nearly perfect running weather in my book, I had to go. Four miles was on my plan and I also considered going lighter on the miles. I know I'm all about not making excuses now, but I also want to stay healthy and not injure myself by adding too many miles too fast. There is sure a fine line with what is too much for our bodies to handle. Runners also tend to be a bit stubborn and it is easy to cross that line and end up with an injury. I decided to just go by feel and if my legs felt like I needed a rest, then I would. 

Once the first mile or so was done, I knew I would be fine to do the full four miles and explored another loop on the north end. I love all the route choices I have living here. My legs were feeling a little tired, but I felt pretty comfortable and powered up the hills and concentrated on keeping an even pace. I hear a lot that when running hills it is best to keep an even effort, which means that your pace will slow when going up. I have never been good at this. For me, going slower uphill is harder and I'm going to be breathing heavy regardless, so I like to power up the hills and relax on the downhills, resulting in an even pace throughout. 

Green is elevation, blue is pace

Heading back for home I felt a little niggle in my left foot/ankle. It went away relatively quickly, but certainly got my attention. I was going to be a little short on mileage, but I decided to stop when I got back home ending at 3.6 miles. I not going to beat myself over less than half a mile. And I took the dogs for a walk right after, so there is my justification. Ha! 

Tomorrow is a rest day, though I'll be working on concrete floors for 8 hours. Sunday I'll be going on my first long run of ten miles. Hooray! 

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  1. I love that you sleep in your running clothes. That definitely has to help get you out the door faster. Congrats on 3 days in a row!


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