Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mizuno Wave Sayonara {product review}

Disclosure: The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are my own.

If you are a fan of Mizuno running shoes and apparel, then I bet you have heard of the newest member of the running shoe line-up - the Wave Sayonara.

Meant to replace the soon to be retired Precision and Elixir, the Sayonara is a lightweight neutral trainer with great cushioning and support. 

I was first introduced to Mizuno last year as a member of the Mezamashii Run Project and was fitted with a pair of Precision 13s. I trained for and ran my first (and only, so far) marathon in them and am a huge fan of the Wave Precision. I have I admit I was disappointed that they were being discontinued, but that was before reading more about and finally getting to test out a pair of the Wave Sayonara. 

I will get more in depth about the shoe, but in short, 



This is one pretty shoe. These photos don't do it justice, but they are super bright hot pink! The purple in the laces and overlays is a nice compliment. The overall look is streamlined and they certainly look fast.

Electric/Silver/Purple Magic


The Sayonara fits more snugly than the Precision. It all around hugs my foot, more like the fit of a slipper or racing flat, but with support. I have a relatively normal width foot and have room for my toes to splay when running, but I don't slip around. The lack of sewn overlays means there is no place that would rub against my toes. The one sewn overlay is a "runbird" on the arch that provides support. 

The toe box is shallower than the Precision, which could provide fit issues for some, but doesn't cause me any discomfort. I do feel some tightness on the top of my foot where I have a bony protrusion, but adjusted the laces to provide a more comfortable fit. I really notice a difference in the heel counter. It feels significantly lower than the Precision and very much like the EVO Cursoris that I have been wearing recently. It is also more narrow in the Sayonara than the Precision and I find there are some socks with more padding on the heel that I can't wear due to where they fall on my Achilles. I am sure that with more wear they will form even more to my feet like my other Mizuno running shoes have.


I have only taken the Sayonara out for a few short runs, but I love how they feel on the road. The new U4ic midsole (pronounced euphoric) is 30% lighter than the previous AP+ but provides great shock protection and according to Mizuno, is durable as well. The women's shoe weighs in at 7.1 ounces and the men's at 8.1.

I can feel the road like I'm wearing a racing shoe, but still have the soft landing of a more cushioned trainer. The sole is very grippy and I felt secure running down a very steep hill on wet roads. 

While I am mostly a midfoot runner, I do occasionally land on my heels (particularly running declines) and I do notice the difference in stack height and heel/toe drop (19mm/9mm) as compared to the Precisions (30mm/17mm) that are a tad clunky. 

Sayonara vs. Precision

Back to back comparison

The lower drop has not been an issue for me as I have been running in the Cursoris with a zero-drop, but those who have might feel some initial tightness in their calves and should ease into a lower drop shoe.


The Wave Sayonara is a shoe that is light enough to race in, but provides enough cushioning and support for the long run. I am really looking forward to using them for training this summer and when I run my second marathon this fall. They are an excellent all-around shoe that is suited for many types of runners.

Also shown the women's Wave Sayonara in White/Lime Punch/Blue Atoll
and men's Wave Sayonara in Dude Blue/Anthracite/Lime Punch

You can try a pair for yourself starting this Friday, July 5 at your local running store. 
Suggested MSRP is $119.99. 
For more information on the Wave Sayonara or the entire line of Mizuno shoes and apparel visit www.mizunorunning.com


  1. Awesome review, girl!!!! Maybe one day I'll run in them.

  2. Lucky you! Great review and I would love to try them.

  3. Love the in-depth review of these! LOVE the color! I'm a wave creation girl but I'm 80% convinced to give these a try next go round :-))


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