Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I hope to never move again!

As I mentioned in my last post, we rented a truck to finally move all our stuff from the old house. Of course it had to be a million degrees out, a nice change from all the other times we have moved in the dead of a Maine winter, but it was friggin' uncomfortable! 

We picked up the 14' U-Haul and I dropped off the boys at my parents so Ian and I could get this done as quickly as possible. Most of the things were still on the second floor, so we did countless trips up and down carrying boxes of books and other junk prized possessions that we somehow think we need to keep for all eternity. 

After a couple of hours and numerous ounces of Gatorade and water to replace the buckets of sweat, we were ready to reverse the process and move it all to the new house. 

It was sweet relief to come home to a house with an air conditioner on the first and second floor. What was not so nice is the fact that our extra room(s) a.k.a. storage/junk room is on our third floor...without air conditioning. So for a lot of our stuff, all heavy stuff mind you, we had to carry it up TWO flights of stairs and when we reached the top all out of breath, we were welcomed with stifling heat. The kind of heat that makes it feel like you are suffocating. 

We finally got it all done, just in time to get the truck back. But then had to come home to face putting away all this stuff.

This is just the first floor.

And we moved and put together that giant bookcase.

Our new coffee table. :-)

I think we need a bigger house...unfortunately, that would mean we would have to move all this again. Yeah, not happening.

It was certainly a whole body workout, so much so that I don't feel bad about not running. It was a good strength training day for the Spartan Race, don't you think?


  1. I loathe moving so much. So much. I just want to die right in my house so I never have to move again. Or sell the house with everything in it and just buy all new. Do you still own the other house? What are you doing with that one?

    1. We were renting the other house from my parents. It should be up for sale by the end of the summer.

  2. Oh Carrie I feel for you, having just moved as well. It is so dreadful. Going through all the stuff after is just as bad, contemplating what to keep and what needs to go. We moved in December and our garage looks like we moved last week. I HATE going in the garage, so I just avoid it!
    I have the same question as ltlindian, whatcha doing with the old house? we rented ours and that's been fun....

  3. Oh I totally feel for you. Moving is the absolute worst. Last time I moved it was the day after a 20 miler and it was 90 degrees. All my friends who said they would help never showed, so it was just me and my Dad and brother. My Dad was tired after about 30 minutes, so it was just my brother and I. I never want to move again!

  4. Moving sucks! We will move at least one more time because we aren't in our forever house, but it won't be for about two more years (too busy training right now).

  5. It's great how daily living can count as cross training! I wish you lots of joy in your new home.



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