Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bath Heritage Days 5-Miler {Race Recap}

The past two years I have run the L.L. Bean 10K on the 4th of July. After a crappy race last year and the fact that we moved to Bath a few months ago, we decided to run in the Bath Heritage Days 5-Miler as our family run instead.

I went over to City Hall to pick up our race packets and quickly came home to finish getting everyone ready for the run. With plenty of time to spare we walked to the start as our warm up. We really didn't need to warm up as it was already above 80 and it wasn't even eight 'o clock yet. I absolutely love the fact that we could walk to a race! 

We waited around for a little bit, chatted with my parents who came down for the race (and later parade), and eventually headed to the back of the pack since we were running with the wide double stroller. I snapped a couple of pictures and then we were off.

Cute cargo
Mr. Maine Mom on the Run
Bath City Hall - start and finish lines

The race started downhill, but soon we were climbing up, then down, then up, then down, then up...you get the picture. This was a very hilly race, not huge hills, but it felt like we were constantly climbing. Along with the high temps and humidity and the fact that I was pushing 100+ pounds of boys and stroller, I felt completely zapped from the first hill. I was so hot already that I stripped off my tank. I was also very thirsty from the start and definitely had not hydrated enough. Thankfully Ian somehow thrives in the heat and helped me push the stroller up the hills.

The route is a loop with an out-and-back section. We were only 1.6 miles in when the lead male came towards us. Crazy fast!

The boys were great and although we brought water with us, we stopped at the one aid station for water both going out and coming back. I was overheating and trying not to complain. I was supposed to be the one supporting Ian on his first 5-mile race and here I was barely surviving. It was truly a team effort to get across the finish line.

Speaking of the finish, remember when I said we started downhill? Well the finish is a good 200+ meters uphill. I pushed one side of the stroller and Ian pushed the other. Despite being utterly exhausted and hot, I was so happy to be running this race with my family, my mother captured the best race photo of us right before we crossed the finish.

Final time: 55:09 
(10:27, 10:47, 10:52, 12:43, 10:21)
5 minutes faster than our goal, even though we really didn't care about the time. I love that our last mile was the fastest!

Overall, the race was great. It could not be more convenient for us and on a cooler day I would have been able to appreciate the local architecture and river views more. People did come out to cheer from their front yards and the course was easy to follow. I have a feeling that this isn't the last time we do this race. There was a 1 mile fun run beforehand that Zeke wants to do next year and it being so close I can see this race becoming a family tradition.

Inaugural run in my white Sayonaras - photo bombed by my mom's foot


  1. Love the family race photo! Great shot! Way to work hard. I can't imagine pushing a 100lb stroller up hills! Awesome job!

  2. Great job! Those hills are killers AND with a double jogger. Crazy girl. Apparently I need to start running in just a sports bra....it seems like the cool thing to do. ;) Miss you!

  3. You look like such a bada$* running with that double stroller! What an inspiration to other mother runners out there!! Great job!


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