Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

The first day of marathon training, that's what!

It's a beautiful day here, so instead of running first thing I decided to wait and run with the stroller to the elementary school and spend some time at the playground. I might be a little crazy for opting for a double stroller run, but it is sure going to make me strong!

Time to clean the mirror

It wasn't all that fast, but the hills here are killer. I'm glad that we stopped halfway to play so I could get a breather!

But not for long because Zeke challenged me to do the monkey bars. I'm happy to report I did the whole thing. 

And even busted out some pull-ups. By some I mean two. The Spartan Race I'm doing this November will be a piece of cake! I can only hope!

Anyway, here's the run in numbers -
3.05 miles in 30:34 (10:01 pace)

Four miles are scheduled for tomorrow. I'm thinking my arms are going to need a rest, so I'll be flying solo while everyone is sleeping. 

Just a few hours left in my Cheribundi giveaway! I'll be announcing the winner in tomorrow's post.


  1. Nice biceps girl! You'll love your Spartan fun. What distance are you doing? -Mo

    1. The sprint at Fenway Park! I think you need to travel to the east coast this Novemeber.;-)

    2. Oh my goodness. jealous. That's gonna be a blast at Fenway. Cant wait to see the pictures. We did the beast last year and are signed up again. We were thinking of doing one of the stadium sprints.....but will never be as awesome as Fenway! We do need to come back to Maine soon. We could do a race together like the gooe old days! Couldn't run for a week because of oral surgery....gonna try my first run today...yikes.

  2. Nice guns! I need to do a flex pic so I can track my progress :)

  3. yay marathon training! week #1 is almost done too!


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