Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week in Review

Let's see what happened this week?

It was beautiful here Monday. Ian went for a run and did a full three miles. I then went out for a few miles that ended up being 5.4. It was so hot. Really only 68 degrees, but it was my first run of the year with the temperature over 50. So even though it felt like I was running 8-minute-miles, they were actually around 8:50. Ugh. At least I was keeping the pace pretty consistent - 8:49, 8:48, 8:45, 8:51, 8:49, 3:22 for the last .4. 

Wednesday Zeke's preschool had their treasure hunt day, so I went with Finn and we got to stay for a picnic lunch and for a couple extra hours so Zeke could spend time with his friends.

We headed to the Androscoggin River path afterward for a quick stroller run. I couldn't go without a run on National Running Day! 

Sitting outside on Thursday we found HUGE maple leaves on tiny saplings that are growing among the lilacs. I've never seen one so big!

Friday was Zeke's last day of preschool and I admit I was holding back tears a couple of times. A little because he is going to be in Kindergarten, but also I felt terrible as none of his friends will be going to the same school. 

Ian, Finn and I spent time at Home Depot while Zeke was in school to price out materials for our upstairs bathroom which we will be renovating very shortly. We don't currently use this bathroom, but this is what it looks like.

I've already removed the drop ceiling, torn out the ugly box someone had built around the tub, and removed some lovely brown/beige/gray shag carpet.

We had pick Zeke up a little early to head to his new school for Visitation Day where we were able to speak with the principal and see his classroom and spend some time with his new teacher. She's very sweet and I think Zeke is excited for the next school year.

That's about it. I've got to head to work in a little bit and be at the restaurant all day tomorrow, so I'm hoping the rainy weather we are having clears up. Have a great weekend!


  1. so are you and I on the same kind of running plan? 1x a week? ha ha ha! I love that tub and radiator in your bathroom. I hope you are going to keep them! So excited for Finn!!!

  2. Kindergarden is so much fun! Kinda a sad time, but mostly a happy time! He will love it and make plenty of new friends.


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