Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

What a wonderful weekend it has been. Actually, my weekend also consists of Monday so it is still going on.

Saturday I worked and had to open, but that just meant I was done by 2:30 PM. That night I had dinner with my running gals to celebrate Stacy's birthday. We always go to our favorite place, Slate's in Hallowell. We had our usual blood orange margaritas and the food was delicious, as always. And the company is the best. I've really missed these girls since they have been training for the Sugarloaf Marathon and I dropped down to the 15K. Hopefully we will hit the beach and the Rail Trail a lot this summer!

Once I got home, I realized that I hadn't done my plank for the day. I've challenged myself to do a #plankaday for a month. And of course I had a glass of wine with my husband (on top of two margaritas) and was still all dressed up, but I was pumped up to do this plank! All of a sudden the clock was well over the one minute mark and I knew I could get to two minutes! 

I guess I was at that buzzed stage when I have super-human strength or the alcohol just masks all discomfort and pain, not sure which.

And then yesterday I was treated to a wonderful Mother's Day. I woke up to some beautiful artwork from Zeke and we headed out to brunch with my mother-in-law.

I was then treated to my gift of shopping at Joann Fabrics without children (yes, this is what I asked for)! The sun came out and I got to go for a nice 5-mile run (even though my stomach was in knots from running later in the day), but still clocked an average 8:33 pace. 

We then visited with my parents and had dinner with them. What a great day! And yes, I got my plank in yesterday too, though I took it easy and only did 30 seconds. Oh, and someone offered to take my shift at work, so I'm treated to two whole days off in a row!

Today is Zeke's Kindergarten screening, and I frankly can't believe it is time for this! I'm not ready!!!

This week is race prep and taper time, which is quite laughable because I feel like I've been tapering since September. Looking back at my training log, I haven't run over five miles at a time since mid-March when I did a 14.4-miler and made the decision not to run the marathon. Next Sunday's 9.3 miles are going to be a sufferfest, but I am really looking forward to it all the same. 

Have a great Monday!


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  1. You are too funny planking in your cute dress!!!! At least you'll be done with the 15k faster than me and the marathon. Wanna talk about suffer fest? My legs hate running right now. Grrrr.....


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