Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update Full of Randomness

And yet again, I've have been experiencing radio silence here on my blog. Big surprise. After the Boston Marathon, I wasn't really motivated to write about it, or anything for that matter. It was horrific and I will never get those images out of my mind. I was not there and thankfully everyone I know is safe. But, like so many of my running friends in real life and online, this event did not make me afraid and will not stop me from running and chasing a BQ.

I participated in the #BostonStrongGardiner run organized by my dear friend Jen (Running With The Girls) with the boys and Ian. It was a great turnout and I kicked some butt running with the double stroller. Zeke even managed to run an entire mile. I am very proud of him.

Photo courtesy Running With The Girls

While my running miles are still on the very low side, I've been doing a lot of strength training through yard work and demolition around the house. Over the course of three days, I ripped up our back deck (over 200 square feet) with my own bare hands. Well, I was wearing gloves, but that is just a technicality. Finn helped for a split second, but the rest I did completely on my own. 

Old, rotten deck before we moved in

The deck is now the neat little pile on the left

I finally registered for the Sugarloaf 15K. I don't have any real goals going into this race other than to have fun. I'm not expecting to run fast given my lack of training, but it will be a PR regardless. With my other girls there all running the marathon (Jen's third, Jill's second, and Stacy's first!) I am super excited to lend support at the finish and spend the weekend with them!

The weather is finally warming up here and it's been in the 60s and sunny for the past few days. It's just beautiful and we've been spending as much time outside as possible. We're planning on heading to Popham Beach after picking up Zeke from school today to enjoy some ocean views.

Anyway, until next time...hopefully it will be soon!


  1. Great job on tearing down your deck. You are the woman!!!! Love it!! Good luck at your 15k. Just enjoy the moment. I also want to say I think it is awesome you are being a cheerleader. True sign of a wonderful friend.

  2. Great job on the deck! I'm jealous that you are so close to Popham now... just a short jaunt down the road! Have fun! Don't forget to look for sand dollars if the tide is out.

    1. It's still about a half marathon away! The tide was out, but no sand dollars were found this time around. :-(

  3. You are amazing - with all of the construction work you do!!!! I need lessons. xoxox

  4. Great job on the deck demo. Don't be a stranger, I miss you around here!


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