Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. The Sugarloaf Marathon and 15K is Sunday and I am in no way prepared. Oh well. But, like I've said before, it's an automatic PR and I'll be cheering on my fellow Rail Trail Chicks in the marathon who are currently reaching their breaking point with taper madness and stress. My poor girls. Hugs all's almost over, ladies!

2. So apparently I've been nominated to do a triathlon in August. There is a teeny tiny problem...actually two problems. The last time I was swimming (as in not just floating) was in college in the 90s and don't recall ever swimming a length of the pool. Fish, I am not. While I have a bicycle, it is of the mountain bike variety and I haven't ridden in over a decade. I did own a 10-speed once when I was around 10. Not sure this tri thing is really going to happen...sorry can keep trying though. Pun absolutely intended.

3. This week has been like vacation. For whatever reason I wasn't scheduled today and the weather was just gorgeous! The boys and I headed back to Popham for some time on the beach. I love that I live so close to a place so awesome. I'll leave you with some pictures from the day.

Yup, really sucks to live in such an ugly place, right?


  1. Love your photos! Such an adorable family! :)

  2. I went to Popham Beach last summer and I thought it was the best beach ever. You are lucky to live so close. Your kids must love that you go there often.

  3. I AM ready to snap at any moment. I have an appointment afterschool today with some other teachers to destress.

    I am jealous of your beach day!!!! Soon I'll be there with you! xoxox Despite your lack of training, you always do an amazing job at you are still going to rock it!!!!

  4. good luck this weekend! ive never done a 15k either, i think that would be a great distance. looks like the weather should be great as well. enjoy!
    i didnt think i could do the tri either but you will be fine. get or borrow a road bike though, it will be much easier than a mountain bike! you can do it!!

  5. I nominated you for very inspiring blog award!


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