Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Fitness Routine

1. Running. 
So far April is going pretty well. Not even four full days in and I've already run twice. Monday's brilliant run kept me feeling good for over two days, giving me the confidence that I can still run fast after sucking in the running department for so long. I did three somewhat easy miles this morning at 8:48 pace. Originally, I had planned on five, but having a two-mile-week followed by a five and change-mile-week, I didn't want to go too crazy by upping my mileage too fast. I've done the last two runs in my Cursoris (that had previously resulted in super tight calves), but haven't experienced any issues this week. Since the weather is supposed to be getting warmer now, I'm going to get the double stroller back from my mother-in-law to take the boys out during the day too. 

2. Foam rolling and yoga. 
I've been doing better at this too, particularly at night before bed. It feels so good to stretch and release the tension in my back and legs right before settling down for the night. 

3. Core work. 
I think I can finally get my butt in gear with this. On Tuesday, I did a series of crunches, planks, wall-sits, and burpees. Not many, but I was able to get the boys involved in the exercises too which made it fun. Finn loved the jumping part of the burpees, giggled every time I said burpee and pretended to burp. Hopefully, I can incorporate these exercises more consistently on my off-run days.

Sorry, did I blind you?
Finn wanted to show you a "before" pic too.

Technically, a fourth thing, but make sure to check back here tomorrow afternoon for part two of the Run the Rainbow, Eat the Rainbow series. The boys and I will be making a yummy treat and there will be a giveaway!

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