Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I love running! ... and my new friend.

Wow! I think it's back. My running mojo, that is. I'm just feeling very motivated to get out there and I haven't felt like this for months. Let me recap my last week for you.

Last weekend I finally got around to posting my treadmill on Craigslist. In case you didn't already know, I don't have a place for it in the new house so I needed to let her go. Within a couple of hours I had two emails from interested buyers. The next day one of them came by with a truck, paid me what I was asking (a fair price for a 1-year-old 'mill), and hauled her away. Okay, now I had a few Benjamin's burning a hole in my pocket. Of course, most of it went to paying bills, but kind-of on a whim, I stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods on my way in to work at Home Depot (just to look, I swear), and left with my new friend here.

I was in need of a new watch since the strap of my faithful Timex Ironman broke beyond repair. I had been using a small elastic to tuck the extra strap down and then it started splitting apart higher up on the band before finally snapping apart completely. 

R.I.P. Timex

I actually went on a couple of runs wearing my watch around my thumb. Clearly, it was time to say goodbye.

What, this isn't how you wear it?

Now I am in love with my Garmin. I love that I can just go out and run without planning a route ahead of time and still keep track of my distance. While I am interested in my pace, I'm not looking down all the time to see how fast I'm going. I've been running on feel for the past 2+ years, so I know what various paces feel like and don't really need a watch to tell me that. I do love my stats, though, and is great that it figures it all out for me. And I love that it isn't huge on my wrist so I can wear it as a regular watch. My only problem now is that our dinosaur iMac is so out of date that I can't upload all the information onto it and still have to manually log my runs. 

I've only gone on three short runs and didn't get my long run in this weekend because I basically worked from 6 am to 10 pm on Sunday, so I am still not following my marathon-turned-15K training plan. I woke on Monday feeling a little off, but the family and I got out for a walk around the neighborhood last night and when we got back I found some motivation from reading running blogs and decided to just go out there for a short run before the sun went down. It was awesome! I only went 1.75 miles, but it felt great just to run. Of course I was scheduled to run this morning and was going to see how I felt this morning when the alarm went off before committing. Guess what? I ran another 2.1 miles this morning, basically a reverse loop of the night before but I missed a turn and ran around another block. I never run on back to back days, so this is something new for me. I think the only time I have done it is during the Reach the Beach relay last May. But I felt great, my legs felt rested and I comfortably ran at a 8:23 pace on a hilly route. Honestly, I am a bit amazed that these runs haven't been sufferfests (even though they have been only a couple of miles) given how little I have been running. But whatever, I'll take it! 

Anyway, I think my little green friend is just what I needed to get me motivated. That and the sun has been shining and the snow is almost gone.

What motivates you to run?


  1. sunny weather gets me going!! cold or warm it doesn't matter if the sun is out!! yay for you!

  2. I love my old Big Garmin 205. I love the size of the new ones but I heard that it doesn't give both actual pace and lap pace...

    1. Yes, it only has the basics, but that's all I really need.

  3. I got the same one and color! I love it too! When I downloaded my Garmin runs, the first few runs recorded elevation!I didn't think Garmin Forerunner 10 recorded elevation. Reading the Garmin forum, I discovered elevation information on the FR10 comes from the GPS track. Meaning that it isn’t measured in the watch, but Garmin Connect figures it out based on known elevation data, by using the route. After the first few runs I saw the elevation wasn't mapped. If this happens to you, simply delete those runs, go back to upload and at the bottle click "manual upload". Upload those runs not showing elevation chart,individually, will fix this problem. It is a great running watch and affordable!

  4. I have the pink one, and I mostly love it. Garmins in general give me the ability to check my pace obsessively, and I've ruined a few perfectly good runs by getting obsessed. But it's not the watch's fault. The only thing I've found with the FR10 is that sometimes it gets stuck while looking for a signal and I have to wait about 5 minutes for it to reset itself. But I think I might have solved that by updating the firmware.

    Enjoy little greenie! :)

  5. I am so happy you got a new garmin and you've been running. I'm jealous!!! Miss you friend!

  6. Garmins really are the bees knees! I don't know how I would run without one now. Yours is so pretty too!

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