Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Easing in to training.
Run number two of my marathon plan happened this morning. Of course, not quite as planned. Maybe I should call it my marathon non-plan. It seems much more fun and exciting to just fly by the seat of my pants and see what happens. Originally, I had 6 miles to do, but after walking the dogs I only had half an hour to run. So I decided to run 15 minutes one way and see how far I got then turn around and come back. It was so much fun. I love looking at all the beautiful houses and the fact I can run straight for over a mile and be on semi-well-kept sidewalks. I love that, even though we're living in the city, I can run at 7 AM, down a major artery and come across two cars. I'm sure there would be more traffic if it wasn't school vacation. Well, I did have to wait a little bit before crossing under Route 1, and it probably added about 45 seconds total. I ended up with 3.1 miles in 28:31 or a 9:14 pace. Not all that fast, but I was distracted at exploring the community and I didn't stop my watch when waiting to cross traffic. It turns out that the husband didn't get out of bed until 8, so I should/could have just done 6 miles. I guess I need to discuss when he really needs to be at work.

Room number one is almost done.
The first room I've been renovating in our new house is our oldest son's bedroom. I'm now down to the last few things, but it still seems like it's going to take forever. Once I get all the painting done, he'll be ready to move in, but then I'll still have all the crafty stuff to do to make it complete, like curtains and I have been wanting to make him a quilt. I did refinish one of the beds that we found up in the attic. I love how it came out. 

A criminal among us.
Ian went out to the car on Tuesday to head to work and came immediately back in to the house. His glove box was open and his owner's manual was missing. Seriously, who steals an owner's manual and leaves the GPS and numerous CDs? The manual was in a black case that they must have thought was a Kindle or other tablet. Surprise, it's just a book about where to put your washer fluid! Needless to say, we are now making sure our car doors are locked at night and Karma's out to get someone.


  1. Sorry about the theft, but so funny that all they got was the owner's manual. Imagine their surprise when they opened it up:) Now how will you know where to put the washer fluid!;)

  2. ugh, last summer some teens broke into all the cars on our street-looking for cash but they threw everyone's registration and paperwork all over the neighborhood.

    Cute bed redo!!

  3. When I lived in Bath and hubby parked on the street, he had his truck stolen for joy rides twice, then the second time they crashed it and totaled it. I will say he was numb enough to leave the keys in the truck so he probably deserved it.... but yes, lock your cars!

  4. I hate to say it but it is one of the most unfortunate things about Bath - is the theft. I hate that they broke into your car. Ugh!

    Great run girl!!!! And I am loving Zeke's bed and room. I cannot wait to see it!

  5. Oh that is lame!!! So sorry to hear about the theft!

    Great run!

  6. That is kind of funny. I wonder what they thought once they realized what it was. I don't lock my car in my yard.

  7. Not cool that someone broke into your car.

    But I love the gray paint you chose for the bed. Great color!

    Good luck easing into the training.


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