Friday, January 25, 2013

Motivation, where are you?

Or what this post should really be called, "how I can better manage my time." I haven't been running like I should be. Working nearly every single night doesn't get me into bed until at least 11, which doesn't bode well for waking up at 5-5:30 to run like I used to. I sleep until 7 until I have to get up to get my husband to work and son to school on time. That means I don't get to run. Maybe it's because I am not following a training schedule. I'm not crossing off days/workouts, so in my head I figure "what's one more day?" Wrong attitude! It also doesn't help that the temperature has been below zero for days on end and I don't/can't have my treadmill in the new house. However, this NEEDS to change next week. Training for the Sugarloaf Marathon (my second full) starts on Monday!!! I will get up three days a week to run. I don't care if it's cold. I don't care if I'm tired. I need to make running and my well-being a priority. I find myself more irritable than not. Being like that isn't fair to my family. 

Also, this blog. Because it's my running blog and I haven't been running a lot, I don't find that I have a lot to talk about or share. I'm hoping that once marathon training begins, I'll be motivated to blog on a more regular basis. But I don't really have a lot of time to sit down and write. I used to write in the mid-morning while the boys played, however that time slot has been taken up with working on the house. I am still trying to get the first bedroom finished and it's getting so close! Zeke mentioned today that he hopes his room is done before he grows a mustache. Ha! I'm thinking two weeks, though it will probably be four.

Anyway, sorry if I have been on the negative side with this post or if it sounds like I am just full of excuses. But I started this blog to work through my own thoughts and issues, it just so happens that I share it with the world. Do you have any tips to share on how you stay motivated? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. 8 mile run on Sunday with Jen and me....we are going to send Jill pics because she will be away. It would be great to run with you!

  2. Funny, I just posted yesterday on this topic! I dubbed the post "Ho Hum". Kinda gives you an idea what level motivation I'M at (or not at)....

    I'm in MA, so I feel (the cold) for you!

  3. If I go through my list of posts I have titles similar to this one every few months. It happens. Because we're not just runners, we're moms and wives and friends and employees and busy people. It's okay, as long as you find whatever it is to motivate you out of it eventually, it's all good! I bet in a few weeks of marathon training you'll be feeling motivated again...good luck!


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