Friday, December 14, 2012

Where I've Been.

Sorry about dropping of the face of the bloggy earth, but I've taken a mini-hiatus from running. Not necessarily by choice, but I've been busy (that is an understatement). Yes, we are all busy this time of year, but have you also bought a house during the holiday season and have a son with a birthday the week before Christmas? Wait, what? Yes, (after what seemed like months of waiting), we finally closed on a house. I've been keeping it top secret so I wouldn't jinx the deal. Here she is...

We got a super sweet deal on it...really quite a steal for this amount of house. It's not huge by any means, but still. Anyway, that also means it needs some work. Of course, it was in pretty much move in condition...operative word "was." Just picture orange shag rug throughout and faux wood paneling on every.single.wall. The most beautiful interior you have ever seen. (Note the sarcasm?) Within ten minutes of walking through the door after signing the papers, I ripped up the carpet on the stairs. 

Not finished yet, but a definite improvement.
And we figured it would be easier to at least get the bedrooms renovated before moving in full time, so I've spent every minute that I haven't been at work or sleeping working on the time to run. Of course there is time, though. I just need to start getting back in the swing of waking up before the crack of dawn to get some running in. It's still not too late to reach my goal of 750 miles by the end of the year! And we hope to be in here by the end of the year. I really could use at least another four hours in the day.

I have been creating a home improvement blog where I'll be sharing our house renovations since this is my running blog. Once I get it up and running I'll share the link with you in case your interested in checking it out.

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  1. YOU are going to do an amazing job renovating your new house!!!! And I cannot wait to run in Bath and Bowdoin with you and Stacy this winter!!!! Rest up my have lots of miles to run with me after you're moved in!


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