Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random Running Recap

The last couple of months have been a nice break from hard running. I only ran 22.6 miles in October and 34.1 thus far in November. Without a race to train for it's been great to sleep in and get short treadmill runs (2-3 miles) in during the day while the boys are awake. I'm glad that they are finally to the age when the can occupy themselves for 15-20 minutes so I can get a run in. When scheduling allows, the girls and I have still been going on our long runs on Sundays...thank goodness. I do need to run so I don't turn into a cranky monster. And with December and a month of craziness (Zeke's birthday, Christmas, and something else I can not bring myself to tell you about due to risking jinxing it), I need to run more than ever to keep stress at bay. 

My last long run of 11 miles this past weekend brought my yearly total over 700 miles. Of course this is nothing compared to Jen who put this number to shame when she mentioned she has run over 1400 miles. Holy crap! But no comparing here. ;-) The training programs I've done focus on low mileage and with my foot issues I don't think higher mileage would have done me any good. Speaking of those foot issues, my plantar fasciitis has gone away with this period of rest. Thank goodness!

I did just register for the 2013 Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler in February. This was my first double-digit race last year and pretty much my last "fast" race. 

Mid-Winter Classic 2012
You can read my recap here. It seems like I started running a lot slower after that. I think this comes with the high-mile training runs for the halves and full that I did at an easy pace. I have gotten used to running comfortably for longer distances and so now my mental toughness to break through the pain of faster runs is lacking. So of course, with any repeat of a race, I hope to post a faster time. I'm hoping to go sub-1:20, so I'll have to run anything less than an 8-minute pace (last year was 1:21:28/8:08 pace). I can do this! I still have over two months to start upping my training again. I do want to hit 750 miles for the year!

What do you prefer, fast running and it's over quick or long, slow distance?


  1. I prefer both....it really depends on the focus of that day's run. You've got this race!!!!! I'm so happy we're doing it again. Praying for no illnesses.

  2. Looks like it will be a huge bloggy meet up! I'm racing it as well, Jen Small, Mandy and Danielle will be there to cheer. Fun! I won't be able to keep up with you guys though--is there a slow bloggy group?? lol

  3. I really prefer long slow runs :) I hate having to go all out ;) lol and that looked like so much fun! what awesome race photos!!!!

  4. I like both...but I think I'm having more fun with a slower paced long run lately.


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