Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Marathon Outfit {Take 2}

Thanks for all your input regarding my marathon outfit, in particular my homemade skirt. While I love the skirt, I think it will be better suited for a shorter distance race. Also, I was not totally sold on how the skirt looked with my shirt. 

I present to you my new and improved marathon outfit!

Still wearing the same shoes - 
Mizuno Wave Precision 13
And keeping the shirt -
YMX Elemental Flower Racerback Tank

But now I'll be wearing this over my Tommie Copper compression shorts -

Pink Blossom Running Skirt

It matches perfectly, has pockets for my fuel, and doesn't spin when I run! Once I saw it, I knew it was the one...much like my wedding dress and my husband!

Only two and a half weeks left! Eeek!!!

And now for a little cuteness...

Zeke had his first day of preschool on Monday. Here he is, all ready to go.

Finn really wanted to go too...

Oh, and have you entered my Element Caffeinated Water giveaway?


  1. Very cute! I love, love, love that skirt! Have you run long distance in this outfit? I had an outfit picked for my first marathon and wore it for several training runs. It didn't chafe until after 18 miles.

    1. The shirt I have worn on long runs. The skirt, I haven't, but I have the same skirt in a different pattern/color that I have run long in. Plus, the compression shorts I'm wearing underneath are a tad longer than the skirt. That said, Body Glide will still be my best friend.

  2. I'm not a skirt fan... but that one is so cute even I could be convinced. LOL! Good luck!!!

  3. What marathon are you running? Outfit looks good.

  4. Great choice with the skirt. I have been thinking of going with my running skirts too - mostly for the fuel storage. It just makes sense. LOVE the colors!

  5. love those shoes! I just bought myself some neon bright pink ones. neon is so in style! I never ran with a skirt before though I'm more of a shorts person!

  6. yay!! i love that skirt! i have it in the blue/green :)


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