Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On Tempo

After the longest weekend ever, I am back on track. Before I get to today's workout, I'll give you a little recap of the past couple of days. 

On Saturday I had to be at work at 6 AM. Ugh...but I was done by 12:30 (supposed to be 11:45), but we had a lot of people working on DIY home projects this weekend I guess, and it was super busy. That night, I went to Slate's with my gal pals to celebrate Jill and Jess's birthdays. Dinner was delicious, but we were kicked out kindly asked to leave because they were waiting to seat a party of 30. Really, we weren't even offered another table elsewhere in the restaurant. So I was home by 8:30. Us running moms really know how to live it up on a Saturday night.

Sunday morning I had to be at work again at 6 for a staff meeting, but hey, I got two awards, so it was worth it. Then I had to go to my other job to work a double, so I got in a 16-hour work day and the last 12 hours I did not sit down once. Yup, I was sure tired when all was said and done. I had a long run of 16 miles set to do on Monday morning, but I really needed to recoup and my legs felt like they had done at least 16 miles from being on my feet all day, so I opted to rest and skip the long run this week. It was not going to be a quality run if I chose to do it and my training is not about the junk miles.

Fast-forward to today...

I had two options, my track workout or a tempo run. I really wanted to head to the track, but I was concerned about getting it all done in time. Driving to the track (even if it is less than 5 minutes away), is sometimes a hassle and I didn't think I was going to get it all in. So again like last week, I'm switching these two runs around. 

Today's tempo run called for one mile at an easy pace (9:32) and five miles at marathon pace (8:49). I just need to note here that I think an 8:49 marathon pace is insane. It's a good goal, but I'm not sure I'll be able to sustain that pace over 26.2 miles. Maybe I in your training, right? We'll see...

Anyway, this is how my run went - 

Mile one - 9:17 (nice and easy)
Mile two - 8:49 (ooh, right on the button!)
Mile three - 8:47 (excellent)
Mile four - 8:34 (even better)
Mile five - 8:35 (steady pace)
Mile six - 8:16 (seriously, this is uphill...I friggin' rock!)
Overall time - 52:22, 8:43 pace

This was a full minute faster than the week before. And it felt so easy! The difference? It was only 54 degrees. Oh, cool weather - I've missed you so badly. Can I carry that pace over 20 more miles? I'm really not sure, but I'm hoping it is cool like this morning on September 30th and we don't have some crazy heat wave that weekend. 


  1. Here's hoping for no heat wave that day too!!!! Great job today! :) I'm jealous you ran. I actually grumbled at the runners on the rail trail when I drove by. So jealous of everyone running right now.

  2. I can not wait for it to cool down already! Great job on your training! I don't know how you all manage marathon training through the summer.

  3. Great job! I'd guess it's more than just the weather, although it does help! More on the way, especially up your way!

  4. Great job with your tempo run! Excellent pace! I'll ditto Jen, here's hoping for no heat wave on race day, but I'll also add here's hoping it's not a torrential downpour like last year either. Let's all wish for pretty, cool, fall like weather! :)

  5. Nice job on hitting your goal paces. Woohoo for cooler weather!


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