Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mid-Week Musings

In a few days I'll be halfway through marathon training. I have also finally made it official and registered for the race.

That being said, this week could be considered an epic fail in following my training schedule. I suppose I could list off a bunch of excuses, like:

  • staying up late to watch the Olympics (one night it was 2 am before I realized it)
  • summer laziness
  • the heat
  • adjusting my schedule to take into account other races (like the Beach to Beacon this weekend)

Most importantly, while I really am committed to this marathon, it is not the most important thing in my life. That belongs to my family. My dad finally got to come home a couple days ago since breaking and having surgery on his knee and the boys and I have been over here helping out and building ramps to enable him to get in and out of the car, the house, and bed. We just completed another one so he can get out onto the back deck and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having. 

I had planned on doing a longish run yesterday to bring my monthly total to 100 miles for the month, but was having a serious lack of motivation. And it's just a number anyway. I still had my biggest running month ever at just shy of 90 miles.

This morning I had planned on hitting the track for some speedwork. I even slept in my running clothes to ensure I wouldn't make an excuse not to go. I got up with the alarm and to the sound of rain. Normally, rain would not stop me from a run. It is particularly refreshing with the summer heat. Unfortunately, when I looked at the radar, a very long stripe of dark yellow-orange was nearing my location. Very heavy rains and a possible thunder storm. intentions were good, but I'd rather be safe. Sure, I could have just run on the treadmill, but I was grumpy and slept until seven instead.

I will get my act together this weekend. I WILL run tomorrow to stretch my legs to be ready for the Beach to Beacon 10K. It's looking like it's going to be hot again this year, but I'm hoping to at least match my time if not do better. I'm curious how much taking this week practically off will affect my performance. At the very least, my foot, which has had nagging pain (I assume plantar fasciitis) feels better. First thing in the morning is the worst when I feel pretty much crippled as I go down stairs, until I move around a bit to stretch it out. I can still tell it's there, but I'd say it's 80% better than it was. Hopefully, taking this time off (still 60 days from the marathon) will help.

I'm off to go watch some more of the Olympics. I promise to not stay up too late!


  1. Carrie it sounds like you just needed some time, you will get back to it and rock it!!! I will decide on Monday whether I am going to run the Maine Marathon and register that night, want to get in before they close, which will probably happen soon if I decide to run it :-)

    Maybe I will see you there :-)

    1. Yes, I feel much better today after running this morning. I just needed a little break and I figure I'm still almost two months away...there shouldn't be any ill effects from missing a few days now. Good luck Monday!

  2. I love the idea of sleeping in your running clothes!

    My husband and are running Beach to Beacon this weekend too. We're playing weekend tourist too. Maybe we'll run into each other ;)

    1. Good luck at B2B! I'll be wearing a bright/neon green tank and a paisley Running Skirt! I'll look for you!


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