Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's Up, Wednesday?

Week five of marathon training has begun and I'm really looking forward to having a strong month of training. I gave myself a extra day's rest after Sunday's 16-miler, so I headed to the track this morning instead of yesterday. 

The back stretch of my warmup mile.

Mile repeats were back on the schedule and I felt ready to tackle them head on. The temperature was still below 60 and sunny with just a little bit of humidity, absolutely beautiful running weather.

1 mile warm up
3 x 1600m @ 7:24 w/ 1:00 rest
1 mile cooldown

Ready to do this!

My splits:
7:29 (felt effortless and I had a lot more to give)
7:31 (a little tougher, but still in control)
7:26 (wanted to make this the fastest and sped up ever so slightly every 100m of the last lap)

I love the feeling of slingshotting off the last curve
into the homestretch of the last lap.

I really do need to remember to look at my target paces before going to the track, but I always forget. You'd also think I start remembering what they are, but I don't. I thought my 1600m pace was 7:29, so I was super excited to see that I hit it pretty much perfectly. I get back to see that it was actually 7:24, crap...close enough! I also gave myself an extra thirty seconds of rest between intervals, which was still an improvement over the last time I did this workout and took 2:30 of rest. That minute goes by fast!

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  1. So, are you running the Beach2Beacon full marathon? I only signed up for the 10k:) I have been waiting all year for the Beach2Beacon because I grew up in Portland:) attended Longfellow elementary and went to Mr. and Mrs. Fish camp in Portland! There were many field trips to Fort William State park and Portland Headlight! I have a wooden framed painting of Portland Headlight from the WCSH6 sidewalk Art Fest my father purchased many years ago. Can you tell I miss Maine terribly!! I am a teacher now in southern Maryland, but come home to Maine often:)

    1. Haha, no. I hope it's not a marathon! I'm just in the midst of marathon training for the Maine Marathon on September 30th. I meant that I get a full month of solid running before the Beach to Beacon without interruptions from other races that screw up my training plan! I'll be looking for you in the sea of people next month!


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