Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tough Tempo

It was strange running on a Saturday and it not being for a race. My schedule this week has been a bit off, but I'm still getting my runs in. It was just perfect weather in the mid-50s and sunny. My route today was challenging, but beautiful. The tree-lined back roads are ideal for running without traffic (I think I saw a total of three cars). I was concerned about dealing with deer flies, but saw nary a one. 

And as I said, the route was challenging, not a great choice for a tempo run, but it is convenient and a perfect eight-mile loop from my house. 

Willow Lane 8-Mile Loop

I started with an easy mile at 9:34 (my easy pace is 9:32...close enough). Mile two is pretty much 98% uphill and even though this was supposed to be the start of six miles at long tempo pace (8:27), I wanted to do my best to get a good average over the six miles.

I ended up with a 8:51 average for my tempo miles, but considering the course and the fact that my legs have been a little tired lately with the higher miles, I was happy with the results. I finished up the last mile with an 8:34 split. That was supposed to be an easy mile, but I was feeling good and had to get back home to get Ian off to work. Plus a good portion of it was downhill, with the exception of the ever-present hill on the last quarter mile.

My final time was 1:11:15, the second fastest time I've run this particular route, but only by 15 seconds. I know I had more in me and was holding back at times, but have a slight foot issue (nothing major) that I don't want to turn into something worse. The other neat thing is that the other times I ran this route it was for a long run according to my running log. Now, what I used to consider a long run has moved to my mid-week shorter run distances!

I'll be offline for the next couple of days. We're headed down to Long Island, ME for Ian's family reunion. I'll be doing my first solo long run (over 8 miles) on Monday while we are down there. I'm glad that it is a scenic place to run as I'm going to have to do four four-mile loops to get in 16 miles, otherwise it would be pretty boring. At least I won't have to carry my Camelbak or fuel as I can take a quick pit stop at the cottage every four miles! 

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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